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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Clay Center Family Dental Care in Clay Center, Kansas Gives A Day Of Free Care!

I love stories like this one, found in's website

This is great.   I really enjoy hearing about stories like this one.

Dr.  Rick Hammel, said that his eyes were opened while doing volunteer work in Belize.  Some patients there were up night after night suffering from dental pain.

This made him aware of the suffering of those outside his socio-economic status.  Now he wishes to give back to the community with a day of free dental care for those in need.

Tomorrow is the day.  That will be April 19th 2013.  

I congratulate Dr. Hammel for doing this work.    

It is sad that so many people, even in the US, go without adequate dental care for lack of funds.   So, it is great that you, Dr. Hammel,  are making a difference!

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Hammel.


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

University of Louisville Dental School sends faculty, students to Harlan for free clinics

You can find the full article here. 

I applaud the University of Louisville for providing free clinics in Harlan county on March 23 and March 24 2013.  

I think anytime the public can be served for free, it is usually a good thing.   Of course, this is a teaching university so it is also important for the public to be aware of that as well.

Even though there will be faculty licensed dentists on hand, please keep in mind that getting a second opinion is sometimes advisable before having extensive work done.

Never-the-less I applaud the University for offering free clinics.


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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chandler Park Dental Care To Provide A Day of Free Care

I remember reading about this event from last year.   They call it 'smiles from the heart'.  I think it is fantastic!

A group of dentists and staff will provide free cleanings, fillings or extraction. 

The event will be on February 8th 2013.

This will be held at Dr. Eli Jackson's office  in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  - Which I believe is home of he Corvette as well.    The Phone number there is:  (270) 282-4777.  

I hope they will help a lot of people who cannot otherwise afford dental care. 

Last year, it sounds like they donated over 90K in free services to the public. 

I'm all for licensed and qualified dental professionals giving back to the community as I mentioned here.   


David Snape

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Loma Linda School Of Dentistry To Provide Free Care For A Day

They will do this on January 13th 2013 - for one day.  They will not do crown, root canals, or dentures.

I am all for qualified dentists providing free care - read about that here.

However, this is a university clinic and I am VERY concerned that this is just an attempt to give the students an opportunity to fulfill their clinic requirements before moving on to graduation.

I ran into a woman in Kansas City a few years who was using a university clinic for low cost treatments.   I was a bit concerned when she told me just how much work had been done for (to?) her.

She was still relatively young in her twenties.

Again, I am for qualified and licensed dentist giving free care to their communities in order to 'give back' to society.  When the economics involved are so lopsided it only seems fair. 

School clinics are another story entirely.  


David Snape

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