Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Am The Real Snape

Snape Is My Real Family Name

I was born with that name.   For the record,  J.K.  did NOT ask me if it was ok to use my family name for one of her characters.

Although, I must say that I get a little bit of 'pseudo fame'  and a kind of misplaced adoration as the result of having MY name.  For example:

So, it looks like I get more twitter followers because my last name is 'cool'.   Not that it bothers me too much. 

BUT,    I would much rather be famous for something important, like writing this book (which I did write):

This book has some much more valuable and important information in it.  The reason why is that if you can save yourself or anyone in your family from even one single expensive dental treatment, one lost tooth, one implant, one filling even - it would be more than worth it to spend a few bucks on this book.

That's practical value that you will ever get from buying the other 7 or 8 or however many books from the 'other author' - who never even bothered to ask me if it was ok to 'borrow' my name.

So, get the book that pays you to own it.   Know the real Snape for the right reasons!   Help others and yourself as well.   Spread the word about the REAL SNAPE!


PS: Get your free guide to fighting gum disease here. (also written by the Real Snape)

PPS: preventing morning breath is important too.  (NOT written by the Real Snape - but the author of this one is pretty cool too.)

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