Sunday, January 13, 2013

Travelling With Your Hydro Floss

Here is a Hydro Floss tip you can utilize for travel.   

The ability of the hydro floss to positively influence your dental health is unmatched by any other irrigator on the market today.

Yet, some people have to or want to travel.  Many do not want to be without their Hydro Floss.  
So, how can you travel with your Hydro Floss? 

A bank vice president somewhere in the state of Virginia gave me this travel tip.  She needs to travel a lot.

Tip:  Keep the original packaging that your Hydro Floss comes in.  This is a nice sturdy styrofoam cushion that can really help protect your Hydro Floss while traveling. 

Of course, there are no guarantees with this tip.  But, we know that the styrofoam packaging can keep the hydro floss and parts snug and secure. 

Her Thoughts: 
I have not spoken with this customer for probably 2 years or so.  But, she did say that she was able to avoid some expensive dental treatments as a result of using her Hydro Floss.

This is similar to my story as well.   I was able to avoid a Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) treatment.  It is also known as a deep cleaning. 

I don't remember if hers was actual surgery or the deep cleaning treatment.   In either case,  we both were able to save a lot of money.

I always advocate working with your dentist.  They can measure your pocket depths.  Generally speaking, 3mm and below is considered healthy by most dental practitioners. 

Therefore, if you are able to get these numbers down, perhaps your dentist will agree that you won't need your expensive treatment either? 

The Hydro Floss has helped a lot of people, myself included! 


David Snape 

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