Friday, January 25, 2013

Kuster Dental Office Design

About Kuster

Kuster Dental Office Design offers office design, relocation and ergonomics expertise to help your dental practice be the best that it can be.

You can check out the awesome pics on their site at:

In addition, Kuster offers the following Practice management services:

1.  Patient Experience Evaluation Servics

2. Practice  Continuity Planning Services

3. Dental Office Mystery Shop

4. Phone Shop

One of their services is a FREE no obligation consultation.

You can reach Kuster Dental Office Design at :

Corporate Mailing Address:
PO Box 44391
Indianapolis, Indiana 46244-0391
212.656.1910 fax

East Coast Office:
New York, New York
866.904.6631 - Ext. 1

Midwest Office:
Indianapolis, Indiana
866.904.6631 - Ext. 2

Wisconsin Regional Office:
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
866.904.6631 - Ext. 3


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