Monday, January 21, 2013

Music Teachers And Bad Breath

Music Teachers And Any Customer / Student / Client Situation

Sorry, music teachers of the world.  I am not trying to pick on you.  It's just that this scenario works out to be a particularly good example and illustration. 

You see, bad breath is a problem for millions of people around the world.   It can harm both personal and, in this case, professional relationships.

Imagine You Are A Music Student

Music students need to concentrate.   When you take lessons at a store or a private studio, you are often times stuck in a small room with your music teacher.

If that teacher has bad breath, you, as a student, will have some difficulty concentrating on the lesson at hand.   In fact, you might even be thinking about escaping!

Perhaps after one or two lessons, you hate breathing in that breath so much that you decide to quit lessons or just go down the street and find another teacher!   I think you can easily see how that could happen.


As A Music Teacher

In considering the above example, I think it is obvious that bad breath can affect not only the number of students you can retain but also your financial situation.  Insuring fresh breath at all times is very important for your life!

Being in close quarters with anyone is already uncomfortable for some people.   Add bad breath to the mix and it can easily be a complete deal breaker.  The worst part is that you may never know why they left.   They are probably not going to tell you that it had to do with your breath.


Many people are judgmental against a person with bad breath.   You hear people saying something about other people all the time.   "Go Brush Your Teeth",  Or something to that effect is often behind the other person's back.  You have probably heard that one yourself.

People do NOT understand that the person with bad breath often times does not know that he has bad breath.   The person suffering from chronic bad breath gets used to his own breath and he can't even tell that he has it.

But other people notice.  And THAT is where the damage to your professional and perhaps even personal relationships can occur.   You might not even get a chance to form a personal relationship with a particular person because first impressions are so very important.

Handle IT

I think I don't even have to spell out the need to remedy this situation.  I am quite sure you already have all the motivation you need.

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