Thursday, January 10, 2013

Smile: Gingivitis Bacteria Manipulate Your Immune System

Smile: Gingivitis Bacteria Manipulate Your Immune System

This article was published in the  publication.

It turns out that that these little critters are secreting Interleukin-10  to trick your T-Cells (cells for fighting infection) into thinking everything is normal and there is no reason to take action.

If it weren't for this little trick, then they would likely be mitigating down to population sizes that would never make a difference or be harmful to your body.

Just like slime on the inside of a fish tank, once these colonies get a hold they never want to let go.  That's a bummer for us humans.

The Daily disruption of plaque becomes crucial in the fight against these little beasties.   It is under the plaque that they are shielded form oxygen- and this is where the trouble starts.

Daily disruption of plaque exposes them to oxygen and this, in turn, helps to keep them to manageable levels.


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