Saturday, February 23, 2013

Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania Declares February as "Gum Disease Awareness Month"

Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Corbett has joined the list of Governors that have dubbed February as "Gum Disease Awareness Month"  - you can read the article from BeWellPhilly here.

So far, I have become aware of Illinois, Oklahoma and now Pennsylvania as states that are trying to raise the awareness of the seriousness of gum disease as well as how widespread it is.   Then there is Dr. Hudson in NY.

And that is great!  I applaud the Governors of these states as well as Dr. Hudson. 

The Problem Of Gum Disease Is VERY Widespread

In articles I've read recently some of the dental associations involved in these proclamations are stating that 85% of people suffer from some degree of gum disease.

The standard statistics is around 75%  - but even at that lower number that means 3 out of every 4 people have some.   Most of them don't know.

Many will not become aware until it is time for an expensive treatment.  There may be multiple reasons for this.  I don't want to speculate on that too much.    But, the fact remains:  A LOT of people have gum disease. 

It appears that many of those people will need expensive treatments and or lose one or more teeth!  (Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss! )


This Prompted Me To Write The Book 

To do my fair share in raising the awareness about this widespread disease, as well as what people can do to stop it from progressing, I wrote a book.

The name of the book is: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

I think every family should have a copy of this book on their shelf.   If so many people have gum disease now, and do not know it,  what are the chances that multiple people in your family could use this information?

Who knows, maybe they (or you) can save thousands of dollars in expensive treatments that were not needed because you took action to prevent them.

It's not all about brushing and flossing.   If that was all it took, would so many people have gum disease today?

I hope this article helped to raise awareness a little further.


PS:   This tool is my favorite and can be used at home. 

PPS:  Guide:  How To Stop Gum Disease

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