Monday, March 4, 2013

The Hydro Floss Regular Jet Tips Are Made Soft For A Good Reason

I recently received a customer email.  He correctly realized that the regular jet tips wear down over time and that wear changes the flow pattern. 

The tips are made like that on purpose.  The reason is that when we use an type of oral irrigator, we unknowingly rub the tip against our teeth.    In order to compensate for that tendency, the tips are made of a soft plastic.  

That plastic is designed to give instead of your teeth giving.    This is a very thoughtful and healthy design attribute.   Think about how much the engineers cared about this device and your dental health to make it that way!  

This shows the quality of the Hydro Floss.   It's true that you should change the regular tips after 90 days.  The cost of a package of 4 tips is very small.   Hopefully, you now understand and appreciate the reason for this.  

To me, this is just one more indicator that the Hydro Floss is the highest quality and best oral irrigator on the market today.  

Because of it's ability to reduce the plaque and tartar buildup, between regular office visits and cleanings, to a greater degree than 'regular irrigators',  it is more than worth it to have one. 

Better prevention gives you the best chance to avoid expensive dental treatments down the road.   It is difficult to match the capabilities of the Hydro Floss.  For an extra (less than) 10 minutes per day, it has the potential to save you a lot of money through prevention.   It more than pays for itself.  

Often times, it pays for itself in the short term.  For example, it saved me from a SRP or 'deep cleaning' treatment.  Those can be very expensive.   I probably saved myself $1600 right at the beginning.  

I've been using the Hydro Floss for many years now.  How much more have I saved myself? Hard to quantify, but easy to guess! 

David Snape

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*I speak in general terms only.  Specific questions about your unique dental health situation should be directed towards your periodontist or dentist.   Seek advice, diagnosis and treatment only from your doctor.   

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