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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Tips Shooting Off HydroFloss

 Tips Shooting Of A New (or old) HydroFloss

The problem is most likely that you are not attaching the tip(s) properly.  They should snap into place.  

I have personally examined hydrofloss units returned for the reason of 'tips shooting off' .  In nearly EVERY case, the tips worked fine and DID NOT come off under the highest pressure setting.   

I even had one person return two in a row.  BOTH units worked fine.   This person was confused and mistaken, don't let this be you.  

I can only conclude that some people are unable to attach the tips properly.   There should be a gentle snap when the tip is attached properly.  

I'm very tired of hearing of this complaint.   People have returned perfectly fine and functioning units for no good reason except perhaps one  - user error. 

If you cannot get the tips to attach properly.  Call the number on your blue warranty card that comes with every new HydroFloss.  They can help you figure it out.  

But do not assume that the problem is legitimate because in nearly EVERY case I have examined the problem does not exist.   This results in the waste of perfectly good hydrofloss units.    That is not good for you,  not good for us and not good for the environment.  

So, before you get angry about tips shooting off, please make sure you are putting them on correctly,. Experience has shown that 9.9 times out of 10,  the problem rests with the user and not the hydrofloss.  

Monday, May 11, 2020

Keeping Your Teeth And Gums Healthy During Troubling Times

What do you do when you can't visit the dentist? 

What do you do to help keep your teeth and gums healthy if you are unable, through no fault of your own, to get your teeth cleaned  - because your local dentist office is closed until further notice?

Troubling questions. 

My attempt to answer these questions revolves around a simple principle.   We try our best to do everything we can to keep the plaque and tartar to a minimum until we can get our teeth cleaned again.

To my way of thinking, one of the most powerful tools to help me to do this is the HydroFloss

Of course, we want to visit our dentist.  But, if your area of the country or world is like mine, I cannot get a dental appointment because the offices are closed!

What we do know is that studies have shown that the HydroFloss is about 50% more effective than other brands of irrigators that do not employ hydromagnetic technology.

Those journal articles, in case you are interested, were published in May of 1993 and April of 1998 in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

Keeping the plaque and tartar to a minimum in between dental cleanings is perhaps one of the most important tasks we can undertake. 

This is because it is under the plaque and tartar that the 'bad' bacteria do their dirty work of destroying enamel and gum tissue. 

They are shielded from oxygen when this happens.  The kind of metabolic process that happens when the 'bad' bacteria are shielded from oxygen is that of anaerobic respiration.  This is when these bacteria begin to secrete acids as a byproduct of metabolism.

You guessed it!  This is where the problem starts.

For this reason dental plaque must be disrupted daily.   Failure to do so means that the film biolayer called plaque will become complete and the 'bad' bacteria are sufficiently shielded from oxygen to literally do their dirty work.

It is up to you to disrupt this plaque formation daily.  Remember the time is short and this should be done every day to maximize your attempts to stop the damage from occuring or continuing.

You can read more about the HydroFloss here.  It's proven to be a fantastic tool in my personal daily routine for my teeth and gums.  I definitely feel that it has played an important role in shrinking and maintaining healthy periodontal pocket levels. 

Times of stress are one of the more difficult times.  When we are stressed we tend to neglect our teeth and that is where the power of the HydroFloss comes in .

Thursday, January 2, 2020

HydroFloss 2020

HydroFloss 2020 

If you need the most up to date Hydro Floss in the year 2020, you can buy one here.  US only. 

Stay healthy and well, 


Saturday, November 2, 2019

HydroFloss - Shipping To Canada

If you do not ship to Canada why is it still shown when I have my address set to Canada ?"

Shipping to Canada can be a bit difficult for you and for us.   It requires more expense on shipping and more customs paperwork on our side.  

We prefer that you ship to a US address and pick it up or have it forwarded from there. 

If you really cannot ship to a US address and are willing  to pay the high shipping charges to Canada, then give us a call at  888-586-6849. 

We can work with you to get it shipped to Canada.  

Monday, September 2, 2019

Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigation With The HydroFloss

What Does HydroMagnetic Mean?  

Hydromagnetic is the joining of two words:  Hydro and magnetic.   Each are pretty much self explanatory.    Hydro = water and magnetic is, well magnetic. 

The magnetic part of the hydrofloss works to keep the plaque and tartar buildup down by causing the plaque and bacteria to be less adhesive.  

How does this fair against a regular oral irrigator like a waterpic, for example?  

Peer reviewed published studies  have shown that the hydromagnetic quality of the HydroFloss actually causes a statistically significant reduction in plaque and tartar buildup over irrigators that don't have hydromagnetics.   

There were actually two peer reviewed studies researched and published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.   May of 1993 and April of 1998.  These studies were done on the HydroFloss Oral Irrigator.  

So How Does Hydromagnetic Help Your Gums Or Periodontal Health?  

The daily disruption of plaque is the business we are all about to keep our gums and teeth healthy.

Generally speaking, the concern is about the anaerobic bacteria that use the plaque layer to protect themselves against oxygen.  When they successfully do that, they start to secrete acidic byproducts that are destructive to teeth and gums.

When we disrupt this plaque layer daily, we are helping to protect our teeth and gums and oral health. 

We do this through brushing and flossing primarily.   But the studies have shown that the hydrofloss is able to reduce plaque and tartar buildup between regular office cleanings.

This in turn may cause your body to be able to do a better job of healing your gum tissue.  I have a personal experience with this.   Results can actually be measured via the periodontal pocket depths.

This is a measurement your dentist or hygienist will take for you.   Generally speaking, most dentist would say your gums are healthy when those pockets are 3mm or less.

You can read more about this machine by clicking the following link:

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Deep Cleaning Treatment - Is There Any Other Way?

Deep Cleaning Treatment - Is There Any Other Way?  

I know it is disturbing to hear that you need a deep cleaning treatment.  This is especially true after they explain what this means. 

It's scary.  I get that.   I was there.  I tried to get out of it.  I was successful. 

I always worked with my dentist and you should too.   In fact, you should really get with a periodontist because they specialize in gum health and disease.  

I tried different things and then went back to check my results.   Usually, the dentist would tell me that nothing was better regarding my gums and I still needed that deep cleaning treatment. 

But, I was determined.  

I decided to try one more thing.  I was worried that I would have to give in and get that expensive and painful treatment that can actually cause gum recession!  

I was getting close to my last attempt. 

I tried that one more thing and it worked!  I got better.  My gums were healthier and my dentist verified it.  

After staring in my mouth in obvious disbelief,  She said, "Whatever you are doing, keep it up.  You don't need that treatment any longer [deep cleaning treatment]".    

I was completely relieved.  I can't guarantee what I did will work for you.  But it seems to have worked for more people than just me.   You use your own dentist to verify your results.  

Here is what I used:

Stay Healthy and Well,


PS: The best thing is that I can help those who purchase their hydrofloss from the above link or from     But my time is limited and this offer is only for the people who buy at one of those two places and nowhere else.  Make your purchase, have your order number ready for verification and I'll spend some time telling you more to give you the best chance of success.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

HydroFloss and Gum Disease

Can The HydroFloss Help With Gum Disease?  

While each human body is different which makes it impossible to definitively answer this question, I can provide information and subjective experiences.  

Periodontal Pockets

The only objective measurement for gum disease is something called periodontal pocket depths.  

Most dental professionals would agree that when those pockets are at 3mm or less your gums are healthy. 

Most would also agree that when you are at 4mm or more, you have a problem.   a.k.a.  gum disease

Usually when this happens, dental offices would like to perform a SRP or 'Scaling and Root Planing' on you.  

This is an expensive and painful (after the anesthetic wears off - if they use one) experience.   

How I Shrunk My Periodontal Pockets

My dentist wanted to do a SRP or 'deep cleaning' on me for quite some time.  I kept saying no to the treatment and tried to find something that would work. 

I tried various toothpastes and mouthwashes, essential oils and oil pulling (although I may have used the wrong kind of oil).    If you are going to try it, I suspect coconut oil would be a better choice.  

Nothing worked for me!   And after several visits the dentist was still after me for the 'deep cleaning' treatment. 

Finally, I found the HydroFloss Oral Irrigator that you see pictured above.   It worked!   It shrunk my pockets down and the dentists said, "Whatever you are doing, keep it up.  You don't need that treatment anymore".      

She didn't seem interested in knowing what I did.  Which I found quite strange.  

You can read more about the Hydro Floss at these two locations

For mobiles and tablets:   

Sunday, August 11, 2019

HydroFloss - Can I Purchase The Reservoir Separately?

Can I purchase a Hydro Floss reservoir separately? 


Yes, you can purchase the hydrofloss reservoir on this site: 

If you are on a phone or a tablet, you may also use this address:  

Sometimes, especially if dropped on a marble bathroom floor, they can break - even shatter.   This is important to keep in mind when filling the reservoir with water.  

Pro Tip:  Always use two full reservoirs per use.  

At the above links you can also find the o-ring that you see in the picture as well as that white plastic insert piece that is also displayed in the picture.  

These parts will fit any genuine HydroFloss oral irrigator ever produced at the time of this writing.  

The HydroFloss is one of the most powerful tools there is, in my opinion to promote healthy gums and teeth.    

It has been studied in two different peer reviewed journals and it was found in both cases to be significantly better at reducing plaque and tartar build up than an irrigator that does not have the hydromagnetic technology of the hydrofloss.  

Why is this important?   The reason it works may be that when plaque and tartar are not building up so heavily, it may be possible for your body to employ its natural defenses to keep your gums and teeth healthy.  

Perhaps when there is too much plaque and tartar it becomes a greater burden and the bacteria are then able to accumulate to large enough quantities to cause damage.  

You can read more about the HydroFloss overall at these two addresses. 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

HydroFloss Helped Me to Avoid a Scaling and Root Planing Treatment

The HydroFloss Helped me to Avoid a scaling and root planing treatment (SRP) also Known as a 'Deep Cleaning'.  

You can win!  

Way back in 2005 my dentist and hygienist were trying to convince me that I needed a SRP treatment.  

This is where they 'dig' underneath your gum line to clean out built up plaque and tartar.  

When you have pockets that are greater than 3mm, your dentist may want to perform this treatment as well. 

Certainly, you can submit to this treatment if you wish to.  I won't be mad about it.  

It's just that I refused the treatment and was determined to find something else that would work. 

There are a few problems that come with this treatment.   It can spark gum recession.   They are going to use metal instruments to 'dig' below your gum line after all. 

So, I tried everything I could think of.    1.5 years later, they were still telling me to get this treatment.  

I finally tried this device: 

And it worked!  

After using it for a few months, I went back to the dentist.  They were shocked.  The dentist told me to keep doing whatever I was doing and that I didn't need the deep cleaning treatment any longer.  

After that, I started selling these machines.  I was so happy.  I thought it would be the perfect thing to share with other people facing the same problem. 

Many of my customers over the years have told me that they too have had great results in making their gums healthy again too!    

It works for many of us.  But every person is different.  Every human body is different.  Can't guarantee it for everyone.   I have a few helpful tips to share with people who buy it from one of the following links only, that might increase the odds in your favor.  

Mobile or tablet:


Photo Credit :  Jill Wellington    - Thanks Jill!  

Friday, August 9, 2019

What's the difference between this unit, and a waterpic...well, besides the price of course?


What's the difference between this unit, and a waterpic...well, besides the price of course?

Answer, thanks for your question.  

The HydroFloss is superior because of the hydromagnetics.   This has been documented in 2 peer reviewed journal articles in the prestigious:  Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  

The two articles are from may of 1993 and April of 1998.  

Both articles showed a significant increase in the amount of plaque and tartar reduction between your regular dental cleanings. 

It is reasonable to conclude that should lead to healthier gums and teeth. 

They are both oral irrigators.   But one produces superior cleaning in clinically documented tests.  These tests were done by independent researchers and not by any company with an interest in selling the HydroFloss.  

If you are on a mobile device, it might be easier to checkout from here instead: 

Finally, I have written on this topic before, you can find that post here: 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Why Did My HydroFloss Break When I Used It In Australia?


Hi David,

Just wondering if you could help me.I purchased the hydro floss with great difficulty to Australia.The first time I used it /it just sparked and doesn’t work anymore.I would like to purchase another one from you/but am concerned it will happen again/any suggestions as to what went wrong and if there are any distributors here/apparently we used to have it but no longer do


Yes, I can tell you exactly what went wrong.  You very likely plugged an appliance made for 110V volt system  (north america) into a 220V system.  (Australia and Europe) 

That's why it instantly died.  It essentially fried the electrical and motor in the HydroFloss 

Next time, you will want to use a converter (step down transformer) 

This is the transformer I have used with great success in Europe : 

If you would like to get a new HydroFloss, you can find one here: 

*If you would like to inquire about having a HydroFloss shipped to Europe or Australia, please use the phone number at the top of the screen or use this contact page.  

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Is The HydroFloss Like The OxyCare That You Bought?

Is The HydroFloss Like The OxyCare That You Bought?

Answer:  No, it is better. 

The oxycare is no longer made.  The HydroFloss has been around longer. 

The HydroFloss has a rather large magnet in it compared to the oxycare.  

The oxycare had a very small round magnet. 

Moreover, the studies on the effects of the HydroFloss were peer reviewed and published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.   Those results showed that the HydroFloss with its magnet was about 50% more effective at reducing plaque and tartar buildup between office visits than irrigators without the magnetic technology.  

This often equates to a reduction in periodontal pockets and gums getting healthier when the HydroFloss is used correctly. 

The studies were done on the larger, cylindrical magnet in the HydroFloss magnetic oral irrigator. 

It is difficult to imagine that the small round magnet in the Oxycare that is no longer manufactured could equal or rival the results of the much larger and tested magnet of the HydroFloss. 

After reading that, you don't have to ask me, you can form your own conclusion.   

If you would like to purchase a HydroFloss, you can do so by clicking right here.  

There is something special I do for customers of Toothy Grins Store - those who buy their HydroFloss at Toothy Grins Store only.    It's optional to the customer but I do recommend it and I believe it will be highly beneficial.   You may call me for a free consultation, provided you purchased a HydroFloss from 

I will share with you the information I have on how to get the most out of the HydroFloss. 

That includes 

1. The "best practice"  - how to give yourself the best chance of reducing those periodontal pockets.  

2. How to make your HydroFloss last longer.  

3. How to know if you are getting results or not - this is an objective measure not guesswork.  

Plus, I believe you will pick up other useful information from our conversation. 

You can get your HydroFloss here

Friday, July 13, 2018

HydroFloss Plus Pocket Pals And Quantum Labs Toothbrush - B00H6JZS2S - X000KV1MKH

How Does a HydroFloss plus a FREE set of pocket pals and a FREE quantum labs toothbrush sound? 

Where can you get a deal like that?   Check it out here: 

To summarize, you will get a Hydrofloss hydromagnetic oral irrigator for regular price.  In addition, you will receive a free package of pocket pals -  a $14.99 value plus a free quantum labs toothbrush with special Dupont filaments.

Take advantage of this deal while it lasts.

If you would like to read more about the HydroFloss, you can read more on this page:

You might also be interested in the short guide:  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps.  

If you prefer a print book, then checkout:   What You Should Know About Gum Disease

Need to Talk To Someone?  

David is available to customers who purchase a HydroFloss from Toothy Grins Store to answer questions and discuss how to get the greatest benefit from the HydroFloss.

This will be of special importance to you if you are fighting gingivitis, gum disease, periodontal disease, periodontitis or have been told that you need a scaling and root planing or a 'deep cleaning' treatment.

Shrinking your periodontal pockets down to normal levels  - those that dental professionals believe are healthy is the end goal.    Your progress can be monitored by having your hygienist or dentist measure your periodontal depths.

Generally speaking when you get your Periodontal Pockets down to 3mm or less, most dentists would agree that your gums are healthy at that point.

That is where you might find a conversation with David helpful.  Again, this is available to those who purchase a HydroFloss from  only.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

B0016JHFUM - HydroFloss Oral Irrigator

The HydroFloss oral irrigator is one of the coolest devices on Earth - as far as your dental health is concerned.

This little gem has been scientifically verified to reduce more plaque and tartar between your regular office visits than irrigators that do not possess it's hydromagnetic qualities.   (Ref:  Journal of Clincial Periodontology  May of 1993 and April of 1998.)

The way I found out about the HydroFloss is that I was trying very hard to find something that would reduce my periodontal pockets.

 They Hydrofloss, X000IZ6U11, turned out to be the right tool for the job.  My dentist confirmed that my gums were healthy again and she verified that I no longer needed the dreaded "deep cleaning" or Scaling and root planing she had been recommending for a long time.

I was delighted that the HydroFloss, 0701748831757, did the job. 

Where can YOU get one? 

Right here on this site:

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Pizza, Remember to HydroFloss After Eating Pizza!

Do you love pizza?   Are you tired of how dirty it makes our teeth?  

The HydroFloss is great at getting rid of that kind of stuff and making your mouth and teeth feel super clean.  

This is an excellent device that has helped a lot of people with their dental health.  There is literally nothing else like it on the market today. 

Plaque comes off easier resulting in a greater reduction in plaque and tartar build up between regular office visits due to the magnet's ability to place a charge on minerals in the water.    You can find that the magnet resulted in a greater reduction of plaque and tartar build up between office visits in two peer-reviewed research articles in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Periodontology  May of 93 and April 0f 98.  

This is a great device that many know about but many still do not know (as of this writing).  I hope to change that and make more people aware.  


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser vs HydroFloss

Often the question comes up when comparing dental oral irrigators:  Which one is the best?

In this comparison we consider the  H2ofloss to the HydroFloss oral irrigator

Both are oral irrigators whereby you use a 'jet' stream of water to help clean your teeth and gums.
In this regard they both do the same thing.

However, there is an additional component to consider.

The HydroFloss oral irrigator contains a magnet.   This magnet puts a charge on the minerals that are in the water causing the plaque and bacteria to become less adhesive.  This means that the HydroFloss does a better job of removing plaque and reducing tartar build up between your regular office visits.

Before you go doubting the science behind the magnet, you should understand that the magnet is proven to be more effective.  (Statistically significant).

The studies were done by third parties and published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. There were studies done on two occasions, proving the effectiveness of the magnet over not using one.  Again, the results were statistically significant and both research groups came to the same conclusion.  You will get about a 50% greater reduction in tartar buildup between your regular office visits by using the HydroFloss with it's magnet rather than without one.

That's real science and it shows how the HydroFloss is effective in a way that other dental oral irrigators are not.   Does this 50% make a difference?   You bet it does.  

I've spoken with many people over the years.   On one occasion I spoke with a person who's gums became healthy after using the HydroFloss.   She switched to another brand of irrigator later and her gums become unhealthy again.   Then she switched back to the HydroFloss and her gums became healthy again.    Of course, that is just one person and one case.  So you can dismiss it if you want.

However, I know the HydroFloss made my gums healthy again.   And I have spoken to many people over the last 8 or 9 years or so and I hear similar stories to my own.   Why doubt what has worked for so many people?

The HydroFloss saved me from a SRP or Scaling and Root Planing Treatment.  That's $1500 (and often more).

If I had to choose an irrigator, knowing what I know about the HydroFloss, I would, of course, choose the HydroFloss oral irrigator and no other.

If you want to read more about the HydroFloss, you can do so here. 

Of course, if your reason for getting an irrigator has nothing to do with the health of your gums and teeth, you could go with the less expensive  H2ofloss.  Or other brands that you can often find at your local pharmacy.

And if I weren't concerned about the health of my gums and teeth, that is probably what I would do to save a few bucks.  


Monday, November 7, 2016

Hydro Floss New Generation Oral Irrigator Bundle With Free Pocket Pals and New Glisten Toothbrush

Looking for a brand new HydroFloss new generation oral irrigator along with Pocket Pals and a Quantum New Glisten Toothbrush all for the same price as a single HydroFloss alone? 

Well, this is the place.  You can get this combination for the same price as a regular HydroFloss oral irrigator here:

HydroFloss Oral Irrigator

Pocket Pal Jet Tips

Quantum Labs New Glisten Tooth Brush

All for the price of a single HydroFloss new generation oral irrigator alone. 

If you have questions about this offer you can dial the number you see at the top of your screen.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

How To Order The HydroFloss By Telephone: 888-586-6849

If you would like to order a HydroFloss by Telephone,  you can simply dial this number:


This line is available during normal business hours.   However, if you do receive a message during or after normal business hours, simply leave a message expressing your desire to purchase a HydroFloss and your phone call will be returned.

This is the easiest method for you to obtain a HydroFloss.

To order, simply dial:   888-586-6849

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hydro Floss Leaking? What Can You Do?

If your HydroFloss Hose is leaking, what can you do?

This can happen sometimes.   If it has happened to you.  Here is what you can do:  

Watch this video on how to replace the hose / handle assembly.  Hint:  scroll down the page slightly to see the video 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Which Dental Water Jet For Home Use Is The Best?

That's an easy question to answer.

There is really only one that you should consider because it is the best - by far.  Because it uses something a bit different from the others, it is more effective.

 The clinical peer-reviewed results are out there and documented.

The HydroFloss is the best one.   There are multiple reasons but the only one that matters is the one tied to results.

People get really good results with the HydroFloss.  I've talked to many people who have used it and found a super beneficial affect on their dental health.

I have personally used it.  I attribute it with saving me from a Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) treatment.  

I know that others have obtained similar results because I've talked to some.

I could go on about how gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss and that most people have some gum disease right now - whether they know it or not.  

But, what is the point?   You are either going to be intrigued enough to check out this page, or you are not.

I think that when it comes to dental health,  you don't want to mess around.  Do the most and the best you can in order to keep your teeth healthy and in your mouth for a lifetime of good service.

I think the device I mentioned above is going to help.   Of course, you want to always be under the care of a dentist and get your regular checkups and cleanings.

But no dentist will be there to clean your teeth for you every day.   So, some things really are up to you.  

Hygienists and dentist may tell you that what you do at home, on your own, has the greatest impact on your dental health.     Go ahead and ask them.