Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sticky Herbal Formula Should Not Be Put In Your Hydro Floss

Unfortunately,  as I heard from a customer today, some uninformed dental offices are selling the Hydro Floss right along with a sticky herbal formula What these offices don't know is that the sticky herbal formula causes the reservoir to stick to the base of the Hydro Floss.

I had a customer order her third reservoir today,  and on a hunch I asked her if she was using this sticky herbal formula.  She said that she was and that her dental office had recommended it.

There is nothing wrong with using the herbal formula separately as a stand alone mouthwash. However, nothing sticky should be used in the Hydro Floss.  

This is sad because may other patients will continue to break their reservoirs without understanding why.   The sticky formula causes the reservoir to 'stick' to the base.  When they try to separate the reservoir from the base, they end up breaking the reservoir.

It is actually not necessary to put these substances into the Hydro Floss.  However, it is ok to put mouthwash in that is not sticky.   In other words, a non-sticky liquid can be placed in the Hydro Floss - but nothing solid and nothing sticky should be.   No salt or baking soda should be used either. 

Actually, the Hydro Floss is capable of doing a very good job without any 'help'.

  Here are directions for using the Hydro Floss effectively.  

So, I hope that I have helped to clear up this problem for people.    If you have been using a sticky herbal formula in your hydrofloss and have seen your reservoir break, now you know why.   You will now also know not to do that in the future.


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