Monday, April 1, 2013

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Update Former Patients Of Oral Surgeon Begin To Be Tested For HIV and Hepatitis

I've recently read that patients of the Tulsa Oklahoma oral surgeon accused of serious breaches in patient safety protocols have begun to be tested at a health clinic.

The location of the clinic was not disclosed, but it appears that the information sent by State agency, directed the patients to be tested.

Apparently, they were being tested for two forms of hepatitis plus the AIDS virus.

Scary stuff. 

I hope that the people will all checkout to be ok!


Do not overlook / forget about dental health problem prevention as well.  Many expensive dental procedures could be avoided in the first place, if patient's were more educated about prevention.   My favorite.  


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PPS: prevention can also help a lot in reducing an individual's or family's health care costs.  My favorite prevention tool.  

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