Saturday, April 27, 2013

What Is The Biggest Threat To Your Dental Health?

Arguably, the biggest threat to your dental health is gum disease.   A number of factors may go into your diagnosis of this problem, but one of the most objective factors is your periodontal pocket depths.

They should be 3mm and below.  If you have pockets greater than 3mm, generally speaking, most dental professionals will say that your gums are unhealthy.

If this is the case for you, don't be too shocked.  In fact, about 75% of people have some gum disease right now.  However, that is NOT a reason to take it lightly.  In fact, just the opposite.

So many health problems, according to researchers, seem to bear a (mostly) unexplained correlation to the presence of gum disease. 

There are many theories for this.  One is that the bacteria that cause gum disease and other dental health problems have easy access to your blood stream.  The tissues are thin in your mouth and access to your blood is not far away.







This may explain why p gingivalis ( a gum disease causing bacteria) is being found in the plaque that clogs arterial vessels in heart disease victims.   I don't know about you, but to me the implications are a bit scary.  

As if that weren't enough, gum disease is the number one reason that people lose their teeth.  That has probably been the case for thousands of years on this planet.  

It's not much different today.  This is a common problem that takes people's teeth ruins smiles and may cause other health problems!   Yet, the majority of people remain ignorant of these facts. 

Don't be one of them.   Learn what you can do to help protect your dental health and improve your chances of beating the odds! 

Today's Research Simply Validates Ancient Wisdom

When you think about it, these correlations that are being discovered should not be all that surprising. Farmers and those who have owned livestock throughout the centuries mostly noticed that their animals health is related to their mouth.

That's why many livestock owners have always checked the mouth of an animal before buying it.  They have known all along that the mouth reflects the health of the body.

What About Those Periodontal Pocket Depths? 

No one can guarantee that that one thing will work for everyone.  But I can tell you the one thing that has worked for me and the vast majority of my customers I have discussed this with.  That is the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator and you can read the customer reviews for yourself. 



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