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Do You Really Have 8 Cavities?

Why You Should Be Careful When Told You Have A Cavity

"I've  got a creepy feeling about this Batman"

Ever get that creepy suspicious feeling when things seem a little 'odd' or 'off'?   I do.  I get it a lot.  Sometimes honoring that feeling can really pay off.   I mean as in saving real money.

I don't remember when I first heard about this phenomenon with cavities, but it turns out to be accurate - verified by my own experience - and others' too. 

I have also talked to others that have had similar experiences. 

For example, I remember back in the late '90s a coworker told me a story about a dentist who told her she had 8 cavities.  She went to another who said she didn't have any!

True Story

For me,  just a couple of years ago, I had an experience.  But, it wasn't the first one.   It's just one that still annoys me today.   If I hadn't listened to my instincts, I might have ended up with a lot of expensive and unnecessary dental work. 

My periodontist noticed that I had a 'leaky' filling.  That's when a filling is starting to break down and their is the potential for particles to get trapped in or under there and perhaps a new cavity could even form.  So, it should be replaced. 

Fillings are not really his thing after all.  His specialty is periodontics.  So, he referred me to another dentist.

I went to the new dentist, sat down in the chair, and he examined me.  Aside from the leaky filling tooth, which he suggested might need a crown, he found three 'cavities'.    He had a nice fancy magnifying device to show me the dark spots which he claimed needed to be filled!

Oh, and for the leaky filling tooth:  That's the one he wouldn't know if it needed a crown or not until he 'got in there'  How convenient that he had a fancy crown making machine right there in the office.

 LOL, my creepy feeling indicator was measuring high that day.    When I left, the receptionist asked when I wanted to schedule an appointment to get all the work done.   I said, no thanks and left.
 I found another dentist.  No cavities that he could find!   In addition, he was absolutely positive that the leaky filling tooth would NOT need a crown (and it didn't).

At the end of the day,  who knows how much money, pain and future dental expenses I saved myself by finding another dentist and getting a second opinion!   I say future dental expenses because fillings break down and need to be replaced.  Crowns can have problems too! 

We know I saved myself from at  at least 3 unneeded fillings for sure.  

Fast forward several years, I have been to at least two other dentists since then.  No mention of these three cavities from any of them!

Some Things To Be Aware Of

I've talked to a lot of people, I'm not the only person with such an experience.

Some dentists are too eager to 'drill and fill'.

You have the right to get a second opinion any time your 'creepy feeling' indicator goes off.  (And you should get another opinion whenever the slightest doubt persists)!

There are good dentists and bad.  You are going to need to figure out how to sort them out if you don't want to spend a lot of money that you really didn't need to spend.

Teeth can heal.   The beginning stages of cavity formation can reverse before things get to the point of a true cavity.   There is a point though, when it really is a cavity that should be filled. 

EX.  A different dentist once told me that filling a 'sticky' spot was called 'preventive' dentistry.   I denied her wish and went to another dentist who told me there was NO CAVITY there!

I don't know about you, but I sure don't need to spend extra money and have unnecessary holes drilled into my teeth!

Fillings may eventually need to be replaced.  This can take a long time or it can take as little as seven years.    Every time they 'replace' a filling, the hole is made bigger.   You can only do that so many times and then the tooth structure cannot support itself any longer.    -  root canal and crown? 

If you have any doubts about any procedure or treatment - It often PAYS YOU to get a second opinion.   The savings could be enormous. 

Sound off in the comment section below.   Would love to hear other stories.

I'm not picking on dentist here.  There are good ones out there.  You just have to be able to find differentiate the good ones from the bad.    You should definitely go for regular checkups, get your teeth cleaned and don't avoid work that MUST be done.  




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