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Friday, November 22, 2013

Excellent Dental Health Over The Years

This customer said the device has served them well:

The device the reviewer is referring to is this one.  

Dental health is a precious thing and it is not something that we should trifle with.  Expensive treatments are not fun, both financially and with regards to the pain factor.

Dental work generally does not last forever either.  At some point it may need to be 'redone' adding to the cost, time and suffering.

Prevention on the other hand, may be able to free you from some of that burden.   Would it be worth it to save thousands on your dental health over the next decade?

I think it would.  You can tell me if I'm wrong about that.

Read this now and let me know what you think.  

years of better dental health?


Dr. Cardenas Andres Reminds Us That Drinking Water Is Good For Our Teeth!

It appears that staying well hydrated has an impact on your teeth as  well as the rest of your body.

Dr. Andres helps us to remember that.  You can get to what he wrote by clicking here:

 I remember reading about a book called The Water Cure.   It was about an Iranian doctor who had been imprisoned and while incarcerated he discovered how water was able to help stop or alleviate a lot of ailments.

It is a quite interesting book.

So, now we are reminded by Dr. Andres that water is also good for the teeth.

They say we are 70% water, so that makes sense.

Drink more water and help to protect and preserve your dental health.  Thanks to Dr. Andres for the reminder.



Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Save Yourself Cash On Your Dental Health Bills

Prevention is the Key! 

save money with dental health prevention!
Plaque and tartar are the enemy.  

Don't let them get the best of you.

Keep the plaque and tartar buildup reduced between your regular dental cleanings.

Shown to do just that:   The Hydro Floss. 

Protect your families dental health.

A single lost tooth and implant can cost big time - Perhaps over $2000 in the US!

Gum disease causes lost teeth.  It's the biggest cause!

Gum disease bacteria grow rapidly under the plaque and tartar.   Reduce the plaque and tartar build up between your regular office visits!

Read more about the Hydro Floss  


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Check out this powerful tool for dental health while you are here:

how to save on dental health bills

Friday, July 19, 2013

Prevention Doesn't Pay?

Prevention Doesn't Pay - That's what a doctor told me once.   He gets paid when people have a problem that requires treatment.  If you prevent the problem, then that reduces his ability to get paid.

I think that is a very narrow viewopoint.  There will always be more people.  Even if you spend all of your time teaching prevention, only a small number of people will pay attention and an even smaller amoung will successfully carry out and achive prevention.  

Therefore, I don't believe any of the professions will suffer much, if any, from people preventing problems and staying healthy.  The reality is, no matter how healthy people seem today,  they might get sick next month.

On the other hand, from the individual's perspective, some things are preventable, and it can save them money, pain and hassle but engaging in a little prevention now.

What is that old saying?  "An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure?"

There will always be people with health problems, so no doctor or dentist should be concerned about not having enough patients.  There are people today who can't get access to the health care they need!

Prevention pays the individual who is smart enough to engage in it.    How much does it pay?   Is an ounce of work now worth a pound of money, pain and suffering later?

Many dentist lament the fact that their patients don't brush and floss enough.   Both of those activities are very important.  In addition to doing both of them, someone might want to add this on a daily basis.

I don't  know about you, but I still believe in prevention.  There is plenty of work out there for doctors.  You don't often hear of a doctor that complains about not being able to get enough patients.  Sometimes, you hear the opposite though:  "I'm not taking any more patients".

Do you agree with me that Prevention is important to YOU?


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preventing dental health problems

Monday, July 15, 2013

Just How Serious Is Prevention For Your Dental Health?

Answer: It is a very serious topic.   If you don't focus on prevention, you will likely have a lot of problems to deal with over the years.  Of course, there are notable exceptions.

prevention can help you maintain your dental healthAsk any dental hygienist or dentist, they see the state of people's oral health every day.  If you ask them, I'm sure they will share with you that a lot of people are headed for trouble. 

Your Focus Should Expand Beyond How Your Teeth Look

Many people think it is all about the teeth.  But a bigger area of concern is the health of the gums.  Why?  Because that is the structure that supports healthy teeth. 

Gum disease causes bone loss and recession. When the tissue is damaged it becomes weaker.  It can go all the way to the point where the teeth start to become loose.  You really need the help of a good professional at that point.  If you want to save the tooth, you'll have to look around carefully for a good doctor.   This is because many will take the 'easy' path of pulling the tooth and giving you an implant or other appliance. 

Not that there is anything wrong with that.  It all depends on what you want as the patient.  If you ask the right questions, you may find out that there are alternatives that may not have been initially presented to you.  Remember, it is perfectly ok to get 2 or 3 different opinions.  You should too, because the difference in costs, pain and length of treatments can be substantial. 

Many Good Doctors Out There

There are many good dental professionals out there.  The right one can do wonders for you.  Take some care and pick a good one!

Back To Prevention

Many people either don't know or don't fully understand what it takes to keep their teeth and gums healthy.  Brushing and flossing are not always enough to stop problems from happening.  We know that is true because about 75% of people, according to many professionals, have gum disease. 

How does that happen?   It is both simple and complicated.  Bacteria run amok when plaque and tartar build up.  Daily disruption of plaque is very important - between your regular dental cleanings.  Monitoring your progress or lack thereof is also important. You have to know if what you are doing is working or not!

Most dental professionals would likely agree, what you do at home is of crucial importance.  Keep in mind that your dental office can only see you a few to several times a year.  But your struggle to prevent dental health problems is a daily one! 

That's why I encourage you to take a look at the Hydro Floss.   It's definitely a powerful tool for prevention. And, under the care and supervision of a professional, it can really help to mitigate existing problems!   You can save a lot by doing a little more at home. 

Check out the Hydro Floss now. 


Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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Next: Check out this powerful kit for stopping bad breath

protecting your gums and teeth through prevention

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Your Dental Health Should Be A Priority

is your dental health a priority?  It should be. I mean that in a nice way, I really do.   So many people are busy with their lives.  They don't often take time to think about their dental health and how it is really a reflection of the body's health.

Both ancient wisdom and modern science agree.  An unhealthy mouth is often a reflection of an unhealthy body. 

In Ancient days, and probably still today, farmers always look at an animals mouth before purchasing it.  They intuitively understood that a sick mouth meant there was probably a sick body there too.

Modern researchers continue to discover connections between gum disease (which most people have at least a little of) and many other diseases, including heart disease and stroke.   Both old wisdom and modern science agree on this point. 

I know you get tired of hearing all those people harp on you about dental health.  I used to hate that too.   And I have OFTEN thought they had ulterior motives.  They very well may. 

But, that doesn't really change the truth about the connections that exist.

It does pay to prevent dental health problems.

Take it from someone who doesn't stand to gain thousands up thousands of dollars, your dental health is important! 

Take it from someone, who was trying his best to avoid an expensive treatment.
I was able to do so, because I developed some knowledge and I found the right tool.

Part of my success at avoiding expensive treatment was from knowledge and understanding.  I put that in the book : What You Should Know About Gum Disease.

Another part of my success was due to finding the right tool to do the job I needed done.  That tool is what I call the Best Flosser.

And now, I have shared these resources with you.   Even though I have done that, I know you may not listen to me.   Let's face it, most people are intent on following the mainstream.  They will go ahead and go for the Scaling and Root Planing Treatment or the Gum Grafts or the other surgeries that will be both costly and require some recovery.    

They will spend a lot of money on expensive treatments.  Those are the same treatments that a wise person can learn to prevent.   You know what many doctors say?   "Prevention doesn't pay."  A doctor told me that when I told him about my book.    Isn't that telling?   I think it is.

I can tell you that prevention does pay.   It pays the patient.  And it can pay off big time in savings and hassles in the future.   

prevent dental health problems and save money later.

I have an experience to share.  Not just mine either.  I have a story to tell.  If you want to hear that story, give me a call.   1-888-586-6849.    There is no obligation or anything like that.  But maybe I have information that is worth hearing / learning.  

Of course, you always want to listen to and be under the care of your dentist.  But, that doesn't mean a person can't learn things that can help her further, right?   You should always get your regular cleanings and checkups.   That's important.   But, even most dental professionals will acknowledge that what you do at home, every day, and between office visits, has the greatest impact on your dental health. 



PS: The two resources again are: 
1.   What You Should Know About Gum Disease.   And 2. the Best Flosser

top tool for helping to fight gum disease and the book What You Should Know About Gum Disease

Monday, June 17, 2013

Which State Ranks Worst In Dental Health?

Well, I'm not sure the criteria used in this article are valid.  This is particularly true because they didn't really carefully explain exactly WHAT those criteria were.  But if you want to read the article and find out which state they are talking about,  click here.

What caught my attention though was a dentist they talked to that says she removes a 'full set' of decayed teeth at least once-per-month.   That makes me sad.

There may be some valid cases where there is no way to avoid this.  But, for the most part, most people can avoid this end result with a little knowledge and understanding.

Dental health is important.  Teeth are important.   That's why I wrote the book:  What You Should Know About Gum Disease.   ISBN:  978-0981485508

One of the reasons cited for this state doing poorly was lack of dental insurance.   I can't imagine the numbers they cited are too much worse for other states, given the ridiculous costs of health care in the US.

But, I suspect, that proper home care of teeth would leave many more people with healthier teeth and gums and less need for costly treatments.

I can't guarantee anything, but I bet one of these would do many families a great deal of good and ultimately save them money and pain.   Of course, one should always go in for their regular checkups and cleanings.  That's very important. 

But most dental professionals will acknowledge that what you do at home to take care of your dental health is the most important part in determining what your dental health ends up being. 

If you have not been already, please, please give a little more focus to your dental health and well-being.  It affects so many aspects of your body's health. 


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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do You Really Have 8 Cavities?

Why You Should Be Careful When Told You Have A Cavity

"I've  got a creepy feeling about this Batman"

Ever get that creepy suspicious feeling when things seem a little 'odd' or 'off'?   I do.  I get it a lot.  Sometimes honoring that feeling can really pay off.   I mean as in saving real money.

I don't remember when I first heard about this phenomenon with cavities, but it turns out to be accurate - verified by my own experience - and others' too. 

I have also talked to others that have had similar experiences. 

For example, I remember back in the late '90s a coworker told me a story about a dentist who told her she had 8 cavities.  She went to another who said she didn't have any!

True Story

For me,  just a couple of years ago, I had an experience.  But, it wasn't the first one.   It's just one that still annoys me today.   If I hadn't listened to my instincts, I might have ended up with a lot of expensive and unnecessary dental work. 

My periodontist noticed that I had a 'leaky' filling.  That's when a filling is starting to break down and their is the potential for particles to get trapped in or under there and perhaps a new cavity could even form.  So, it should be replaced. 

Fillings are not really his thing after all.  His specialty is periodontics.  So, he referred me to another dentist.

I went to the new dentist, sat down in the chair, and he examined me.  Aside from the leaky filling tooth, which he suggested might need a crown, he found three 'cavities'.    He had a nice fancy magnifying device to show me the dark spots which he claimed needed to be filled!

Oh, and for the leaky filling tooth:  That's the one he wouldn't know if it needed a crown or not until he 'got in there'  How convenient that he had a fancy crown making machine right there in the office.

 LOL, my creepy feeling indicator was measuring high that day.    When I left, the receptionist asked when I wanted to schedule an appointment to get all the work done.   I said, no thanks and left.
 I found another dentist.  No cavities that he could find!   In addition, he was absolutely positive that the leaky filling tooth would NOT need a crown (and it didn't).

At the end of the day,  who knows how much money, pain and future dental expenses I saved myself by finding another dentist and getting a second opinion!   I say future dental expenses because fillings break down and need to be replaced.  Crowns can have problems too! 

We know I saved myself from at  at least 3 unneeded fillings for sure.  

Fast forward several years, I have been to at least two other dentists since then.  No mention of these three cavities from any of them!

Some Things To Be Aware Of

I've talked to a lot of people, I'm not the only person with such an experience.

Some dentists are too eager to 'drill and fill'.

You have the right to get a second opinion any time your 'creepy feeling' indicator goes off.  (And you should get another opinion whenever the slightest doubt persists)!

There are good dentists and bad.  You are going to need to figure out how to sort them out if you don't want to spend a lot of money that you really didn't need to spend.

Teeth can heal.   The beginning stages of cavity formation can reverse before things get to the point of a true cavity.   There is a point though, when it really is a cavity that should be filled. 

EX.  A different dentist once told me that filling a 'sticky' spot was called 'preventive' dentistry.   I denied her wish and went to another dentist who told me there was NO CAVITY there!

I don't know about you, but I sure don't need to spend extra money and have unnecessary holes drilled into my teeth!

Fillings may eventually need to be replaced.  This can take a long time or it can take as little as seven years.    Every time they 'replace' a filling, the hole is made bigger.   You can only do that so many times and then the tooth structure cannot support itself any longer.    -  root canal and crown? 

If you have any doubts about any procedure or treatment - It often PAYS YOU to get a second opinion.   The savings could be enormous. 

Sound off in the comment section below.   Would love to hear other stories.

I'm not picking on dentist here.  There are good ones out there.  You just have to be able to find differentiate the good ones from the bad.    You should definitely go for regular checkups, get your teeth cleaned and don't avoid work that MUST be done.  



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Read About The Hydro Floss ( a tool I know that has had a positive impact on the dental health of many people).

Customer Reviews. 

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Pocket Pal Tip Reviews

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why Acid Is Bad For Your Teeth

Logic:    'Bad' bacteria multiply faster when there is an acidic environment.   Then they create more bacteria that secrete even more acid.  This creates a self perpetuating loop.  - Unless you stop it.

Second - Acidic foods and drinks (like coffee)  can directly harm your tooth enamel.  This can potentially leave you open to cavities.

Bad bacteria have a lot to do with gum disease, cavities and bad breath.



PS: If you are dental professional who would like to be listed on this site - read this.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

April 2013 News Letter For Toothy Grins Store

Greetings From Toothy Grins Store!

First and foremost, I want to thank you for being a customer of the store.   I've had the pleasure to speak with many over the phone during the past several years.  Others have never spoken to me in person - but in either case, you are always welcome to do so:   1-888-586-6849.

When I first wrote the book: What You Should Know About Gum Disease - I was hoping to inform more people about the dental health issues and truths that I had come to understand.     I have been able to do that.   And I hope to educate more people as well. 

Since we all know the most powerful and effective tool is the Hydro Floss,  here are some helpful links.

1.  How To Use Your Hydro Floss Effectively

2. The original directions that came with your Hydro Floss (that you may have lost - but would love to have again)

Of course, we have the Hydro Floss in stock right now.    We also have many parts that you can find at 

It would be great if more dental offices would send their patients directly to  It saves the hassle of stocking and customer service.   We can provide that for them - as you know. 

Thank you again for being a customer.

David Snape

PS:  I highly recommend seeing Shen Yun, if you have not done so already.   You can read and see more at

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PPS: prevention can also help a lot in reducing an individual's or family's health care costs.  My favorite prevention tool.   

Hydro Floss Customer Reviews  

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Canker Sores Are No Fun!

Canker Sores

It seems like those pesky suckers have a mind of their own.  And, they are not there to bring you a great deal of comfort are they?

If you are suffering from this problem, you would probably like a little relief.   Who could blame you.

Check out this for Canker Sores

*if you need a coupon, try a-per10 for free shipping.  



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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free Dental Health Service For Pregenant Women And Infants In Dundalk, Maryland.

Just found an article on an ABC news affiliated website

Looks like there is free dental care today in Dundalk, Maryland.  Sounds like it is for today only.  If you  know anyone in that area, you might want to let them know.

It appears to be sponsored by the Community College of Baltimore County.

You can check the above link for times and the exact address.

So Many Undeserved Populations in the US

There are just too many people who don't have dental health insurance in the US!   Unfortunately, many people try to avoid going to the dentist as a result of not having coverage.

They either fear the expense or the pain or both.   

That's bad because regular dental cleanings could make a big difference.  Perhaps one of the biggest threats to people is losing teeth over gum disease.

I hope we can figure out a way to get more people regular cleanings and checkups in the US.


PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath 

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Read About The Hydro Floss

Customer Reviews. 

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Pocket Pal Tip Reviews

Irish Gum Disease Pamphlet Revealed

I came across this pamphlet on gum disease from Ireland.

Here are some interesting differences:

In the Irish 'leaflet' (which is what they refer to it as) they say that gum disease afflicts about 4 out of every 5 people worldwide.     That's about 80%.

In the United States you hear various numbers with 3 out of every 4 or about 75% being the most common statement.

In either case, and regardless of which statistic is more accurate, gum disease is a serious threat to both dental health and the body's health.  So many people have gum disease and don't know it, that it is truly a shame.

If you asked most people, they would say they don't have gum disease.  Yet, in Ireland dental professionals are saying 80% of people do!    In the US, it is commonly stated as somewhere between 40 and 75% - most commonly 75%.

It makes no difference if it is 4 out of every 5 or 3 out of every 4 people - it is a LOT of people.  Even if it is as low as 40% or 4 out of every 10 people, that is still a lot! 

If you are reading this, I hope you are inspired to learn more about gum disease.   Read about how it is  threat to your health and  your family's health.   Learn everything you can about preventing it or mitigating it once you realize you have it.

Of course, I can only speak in general terms here.  Specific questions about your own unique situation should be addressed by your dentist.  

This is such a serious problem and so many people have underestimated it.   Don't be one of them.


PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath 

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Read About The Hydro Floss

Customer Reviews. 

Pocket Pal Tips   

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why Dry Mouth Is A Real Problem For Your Dental Health

dry mouth formula

Dry mouth is a threat to your dental health.  The reasons are relatively simple.

You mouth uses saliva to retard bacteria populations.   In addition, dried out tissues are much more susceptible to bacterial growth.

For these reasons, you should not take dry mouth lightly.  


The so called 'bad bacteria' are responsible for many dental health problems such as gum disease, cavities and bad breath.


Many medications are the source of dry mouth as it is a side effect of quite a few.  The best person to ask about this is your pharmacist.

You can always ask your doctor if there is a replacement medicine that would be better suited for you.

Of course, that may not always be possible.  Only your doctor will be able to tell you.

I speak in general terms only here. For specific questions about your own unique situation be sure to ask your doctor or dentist.

Dry Mouth

Here are some resources for dry mouth

Mouth Wetting Lozenges

Generally, you can use coupon a-per10 for any of these items for free shipping and free toothpaste.
Find more coupons here. 


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Interesting Links: 

Read About The Hydro Floss

Customer Reviews. 

Pocket Pal Tips   

Pocket Pal Tip Reviews

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Video Commentary - Implantologist Loves The Hydro Floss


If you have questions, let me know. 

If you are a dental office or dental professional and are interested in giving your patients access to this fantastic tool, give me a call at 1-888-586-6849.  

This topic is open for discussion

Do not overlook / forget about dental health problem prevention as well.  Many expensive dental procedures could be avoided in the first place, if patient's were more educated about prevention.   My favorite.  


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PPS: prevention can also help a lot in reducing an individual's or family's health care costs.  My favorite prevention tool.   

Hydro Floss Customer Reviews 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Katy Texas Dental Website Answers The Question - Is Gingivitis Reversible - Video And Commentary

Link to webpage discussed in the video

Katy Texas Website

This Katy, Texas website answers the question:  Is gingivitis reversible?  

I do think they did a  good job answering this question.   If you have interesting commentary to add, let us know. 

We should not overlook, nor forget about prevention.  Many expensive dental procedures could be avoided in the first place, if patient's were more educated about prevention.   My favorite.

PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath  

PPS: prevention can also help a lot in reducing an individual's or family's health care costs.  My favorite prevention tool.