Saturday, June 1, 2013

Man Goes To Mexico To Get His Teeth Fixed

I had a customer yesterday tell me that he is now 64 years old and he has needed his teeth straightened out since he was a teenager. 

He was told all kind of things by dental professionals.

"Your too old"

"It's too late"

And he was quoted some, what he considered to be, ridiculous, fees for getting his teeth fixed.
 They were numbers like:

" $64,000 "  - That from a dentist who wanted to pull all of his teeth and give him implants.

" $32,00"  -  'Bargain price" from the same dentist.

This man told me that he decided to go to Mexico.   He is very happy with his teeth now.
The dentist there had a very clean, professional office and fixed his teeth for only $1,000 dollars.

He had to make several trips down there.   His travel costs were about $7,000.

So, for $8,000 he got his teeth fixed in Mexico.

This is what they call 'medical tourism' and it is happening more and more frequently.

By the way, the dentist in Mexico was able to straighten his teeth out without pulling them all and installing implants.  This man told me he was VERY happy with the results.  He said that he 'wished he had done it sooner'. 

As the costs of dental / medical care becomes more and more out-of-line with what the average person can pay in the United States, more people will probably consider this type of option.

Lorenzana dental associates is one such place.  He was trained in the US.

I can't recommend anyone I haven't personally used and I have not visited Dr. Lorenzana's office and I have NOT been treated by him.    But, his website is very interesting.

If you have had an experience with 'dental tourism' and would like to share your experiences, there is a comment section below.


This same customer also really likes his Hydro Floss. 


David Snape

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