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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Directions For OraMD Use

These are the directions that come with the essential oil blend known as OraMD 

Oramd Tips For Success: 

OraMd  tips for success1. Remember, OraMD is your toothpaste, mouthwash and breath mint, all in one.  Use as and when  you would those products.

2. After brushing, tilt your head back and gargle with the solution made of your saliva and OraMD. This will kill the bacteria where it forms most, at the back of the tongue and will accelerate your success.

3. It is best not to rinse but if necessary due to the initial strong mint flavor (due to buildup of bacteria) rinse lightly and then decrease until rinsing is not necessary.

4. For pockets and receding gums, after the initial 3 day period, put two drops on the end of your tongue and swab the affected area (twice a day for several days) so that the oil will deeply penetrate and ferret out any remaining bacteria once and for all.  Then brushing twice a day will maintain a barrier between your gums and the bacteria/toxins causing you problems.

5.  A drop or two in the middle of the day will accelerate the improvement process by keeping your mouth extremely clean of bacteria. This is not a requirement.

6. NEVER USE ANY OTHER PRODUCT AFTER ORAMD.  Using any other toothpaste or mouthwash will diminish the results.  Teeth whitening is fine but must be used before using ORAMD.

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*Please note that these are directions that come from the company that makes OraMd.  These are not my directions.

One point of clarification is that you will never be able to get rid of ALL the bacteria in your mouth.  That really isn't possible.   Therefore, you can never be 'extremely clean of bacteria'.  I'm a little surprised that it was phrased that way.

You want to reduce the population of the 'bad' bacteria so that they don't exist in sufficient amounts to cause damage to your dental health which could include destroying gum tissue, breaching tooth enamel and bad breath.  

You should also always go in for your regular dental check ups and cleanings.   This is very important to make sure that nothing has become worse. 

Periodontal Pocket Measurements

These are very important and are a more or less objective gauge to your dental health.   Generally speaking, when your pockets are 3mm and above, most dental practitioners will consider that unhealthy (gum disease). 

So your end goal is to get to three millimeters and below and keep them there.  Generally speaking, most dental practitioners will say your gums are healthy when all pockets are 3mm and below.  

One of the best tools I know of is the Hydro Floss Magnetic Irrigator

the tips and directions that oramd provide. Sincerely,

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Man Goes To Mexico To Get His Teeth Fixed

I had a customer yesterday tell me that he is now 64 years old and he has needed his teeth straightened out since he was a teenager. 

He was told all kind of things by dental professionals.

"Your too old"

"It's too late"

And he was quoted some, what he considered to be, ridiculous, fees for getting his teeth fixed.
 They were numbers like:

" $64,000 "  - That from a dentist who wanted to pull all of his teeth and give him implants.

" $32,00"  -  'Bargain price" from the same dentist.

This man told me that he decided to go to Mexico.   He is very happy with his teeth now.
The dentist there had a very clean, professional office and fixed his teeth for only $1,000 dollars.

He had to make several trips down there.   His travel costs were about $7,000.

So, for $8,000 he got his teeth fixed in Mexico.

This is what they call 'medical tourism' and it is happening more and more frequently.

By the way, the dentist in Mexico was able to straighten his teeth out without pulling them all and installing implants.  This man told me he was VERY happy with the results.  He said that he 'wished he had done it sooner'. 

As the costs of dental / medical care becomes more and more out-of-line with what the average person can pay in the United States, more people will probably consider this type of option.

Lorenzana dental associates is one such place.  He was trained in the US.

I can't recommend anyone I haven't personally used and I have not visited Dr. Lorenzana's office and I have NOT been treated by him.    But, his website is very interesting.

If you have had an experience with 'dental tourism' and would like to share your experiences, there is a comment section below.


This same customer also really likes his Hydro Floss. 


David Snape

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