Friday, June 28, 2013

Scaling And Root Planing Costs In Kentucky

I just talked to a potential Hydro Floss user from Kentucky.   She mentioned that her husband had just been through a SRP  (Scaling And Root Planing) treatment.

I asked her about the costs.

$730 was out of pocket.   The insurance picked up 60% of the total cost.

She quickly calculated that the total expense was about $1530.

This is inline with what I vaguely remember reading in the past.   That the average cost for a full mouth SRP was right around $1600.    The costs could be expected to be slightly lower in Kentucky.

So, these numbers make complete sense.


We talked about the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator and periodontal pocket depths.    I've personally experienced a reduction in those periodontal pocket depths from using the HF and I have talked to many others about it too.

I'll be more than happy to have a no obligation discussion.  Not about sales, just conversation.  The purpose would be to help you find out if the Hydro Floss is something that would be useful to you or not.

Hydro Floss customer reviews


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cost of scaling and root planing in Kentucky

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