Thursday, July 4, 2013

Are Your Adult Teeth Loose?

do you have loose teeth or a lose toothPlease, if you have any adult teeth that are loose, go visit a periodontist right away.  Barring trauma or injury, a loose tooth probably indicates that you have some more advanced stages of gum disease.

This ain't gingivitis anymore Toto.  

Seriously,  aside from an injury or accident, adult teeth really should not become loose.  The probability is quite high that you have gum disease.  Please go to a periodontist for proper diagnosis.  

Gum disease is a topic that few people bother to talk or think about.  That is a shame because it affects about 75% or 3 out of every 4 people - according to many dental professionals.

So, why is it that everyone ignores this problem that causes the loss of teeth and the need for dentures or implants?    That's a question that I have been trying to answer for a very long time. 

The truth is, I do not know why people ignore it so much! 

Saving Your Teeth

If you could save your teeth and keep them for a lifetime of good use, wouldn't that be the absolute best?   Why settle for dentures or implants.

If you want to save your teeth, you need to understand what gum disease is and what you can do to control it and stop its progress.  You need to understand and figure out what it takes for you, personally, to make your gums health again.

For many, probably most people, it is possible to stop the progress of gum disease and make your gums healthy again.   The trick is knowing what it takes for your personally! 

Objective Measure

Because the amount of work required varies from person to person, you need a measure or standard to figure out what is working.  You need to be able to determine if you are making progress or not. 

Without this objective measure, it is just too much like guessing.   Fortunately, an objective measure DOES exist.    If you learn anything here, this might be the most important factor for you to understand. 

Generally speaking, most dental practitioners will say your gums are healthy when your periodontal pocket depths are at 3mm or below. 

Now, you just need to have your dentist or hygienist measure where you are now.  (They should already have these measurements in your records.)  And you simply check this against future measurements to determine whether:

1. What you are doing at home is working or not.

2. You are headed in the right directions

3. When you finally achieve the goal of 3mm and below - everywhere in your mouth. 

What Helps? 

There are two important resources that I want to share with you.  Yes, we sell them both here at Toothy Grins Store.   

1.  The book:  What You Should Know About Gum Disease

2. The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

You can even get them both together in one package. 


It is definitely not normal to have adult teeth that are loose.  If this is the case for you, please visit a periodontist immediately - if not sooner. 

This is not a problem you want to 'let go'.  If the looseness is due to gum disease (and it likely is), then you do not have much time if you want to save your tooth or teeth.  Go see a periodontist today.   Tip:  Find one that wants to save your tooth / teeth and not one who just wants to pull it / them and give you an implant or dentures! 

I believe you will find the resource links above useful,  you should consider these things carefully.  You should make it a goal to save all of your teeth or as many as you can.   Artificial things are not a perfect substitute for your real, natural teeth.

If you need further information or want to talk further, you can reach me at the above number or  contact me on Skype.


PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath  

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