Saturday, July 13, 2013

Can The Hydro Floss Help Your Gums To Stop Bleeding?

Answer:   First,  if your gums are bleeding that is most often a sign of gum disease.  Go to a periodontist if you are already not under the care of one.   Be under the care of your dentist for this problem.

Step 1:  Ask your dentist or periodontist what your periodontal pocket depths are.

        a.  Generally speaking, anything above 3mm is considered unhealthy

        b.  Your dentist or hygienist should have these numbers.  You will use these numbers to compare your results after step 2.

Step 2:  Before proceeding, ask your dentist if this is ok to try.   Then, Use the Hydro Floss for 30 Days

        a.  Use the Hydro Floss twice per day.

        b.  Use two full reservoirs per use.

Step 3.  After the 30 days of following step 2,  ask your dentist or hygienist to measure your periodontal pocket depths again.  

        a.  Have they improved?   Great, keep going!

        b.  Have they all shrunk to 3mm or below?  That is even better!  Generally speaking, most dental professionals will say that your gums are healthy at this point.  Verify with your doctor.


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Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease


  1. Trisha O’Hehir RDH says t The Hydro Floss absolutely works. Trisha says anything used between the teeth - except floss -- on a daily basis works. Floss doesn't work as well because it is so technique sensitive. There are people who use floss daily and never remove any plaque. Research with the Waterpik showed reduced bleeding in two weeks. As one of her O'Hehir University students at OHehirUniversity dot com says "Never use the "F" word with patients" there are so many better alternatives to floss. (See Can The Hydro Floss Help Your Gums To Stop Bleeding? At

    Howard Farran DDS, MBA

    1. Thank you Howard. And thank you for all the work that you do. It's wonderful to see you out there with all the positive and fun messages that you share.