Friday, July 19, 2013

Prevention Doesn't Pay?

Prevention Doesn't Pay - That's what a doctor told me once.   He gets paid when people have a problem that requires treatment.  If you prevent the problem, then that reduces his ability to get paid.

I think that is a very narrow viewopoint.  There will always be more people.  Even if you spend all of your time teaching prevention, only a small number of people will pay attention and an even smaller amoung will successfully carry out and achive prevention.  

Therefore, I don't believe any of the professions will suffer much, if any, from people preventing problems and staying healthy.  The reality is, no matter how healthy people seem today,  they might get sick next month.

On the other hand, from the individual's perspective, some things are preventable, and it can save them money, pain and hassle but engaging in a little prevention now.

What is that old saying?  "An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure?"

There will always be people with health problems, so no doctor or dentist should be concerned about not having enough patients.  There are people today who can't get access to the health care they need!

Prevention pays the individual who is smart enough to engage in it.    How much does it pay?   Is an ounce of work now worth a pound of money, pain and suffering later?

Many dentist lament the fact that their patients don't brush and floss enough.   Both of those activities are very important.  In addition to doing both of them, someone might want to add this on a daily basis.

I don't  know about you, but I still believe in prevention.  There is plenty of work out there for doctors.  You don't often hear of a doctor that complains about not being able to get enough patients.  Sometimes, you hear the opposite though:  "I'm not taking any more patients".

Do you agree with me that Prevention is important to YOU?


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