Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Secret Organ Harvesting Crimes Revealed! This Must Stop.

This video demonstrates the overwhelming evidence / proof that organ harvesting is big business in China. The government itself seems to be involved and encourages this.

This is one of the most evil things that you can imagine.   Forcing someone to give up their perfectly good organs is sinister and villainous.

What kind of depraved minds would be a party to this?   I think it is time for you to become aware.  Share this video with everyone you can think of.

You can also direct them to this page.

When something like this is state sponsored, you know there are big problems!  

Share you outrage below...

UPDATE  Feb 12, 2017:  Here is a newer video on this topic.


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  1. This is a very sad thing. A government is taking the organs of healthy non violent meditators - and selling them to whoever will buy them. The removal of the organs becomes an execution at the same time. Is there anything worse than this?

  2. Here is a petition you can sign against this horrible practice. http://www.dafoh.org/petition-to-the-united-nations/

    If you sign it, please leave a message here to let me (and others) know you took action.