Friday, July 5, 2013

Sometimes The Back Will Lock Up

Sometimes people try to lift something the wrong way.  

The body has a mechanism.  When it thinks the back is not stable enough, the muscles will lock up tight.   This can cause on to fall to the ground. 

So long as the problem is not due to an injury or pathophysiology, it will take time for this part of the primitive brain to reset the amount that it will allow the back muscles to stretch.   The pain is often very intense. 

In this case, the doctor can only prescribe muscle relaxers and pain killers.   It will take time for the primitive brain to reset and allow the muscles to have their normal range of motion again.

Even though you read this here.  If you are suffering this type of back pain, you should still go to the doctor.  Your doctor can diagnose the situation and make sure that nothing else is wrong.


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