Thursday, July 4, 2013

Your Dental Health Should Be A Priority

is your dental health a priority?  It should be. I mean that in a nice way, I really do.   So many people are busy with their lives.  They don't often take time to think about their dental health and how it is really a reflection of the body's health.

Both ancient wisdom and modern science agree.  An unhealthy mouth is often a reflection of an unhealthy body. 

In Ancient days, and probably still today, farmers always look at an animals mouth before purchasing it.  They intuitively understood that a sick mouth meant there was probably a sick body there too.

Modern researchers continue to discover connections between gum disease (which most people have at least a little of) and many other diseases, including heart disease and stroke.   Both old wisdom and modern science agree on this point. 

I know you get tired of hearing all those people harp on you about dental health.  I used to hate that too.   And I have OFTEN thought they had ulterior motives.  They very well may. 

But, that doesn't really change the truth about the connections that exist.

It does pay to prevent dental health problems.

Take it from someone who doesn't stand to gain thousands up thousands of dollars, your dental health is important! 

Take it from someone, who was trying his best to avoid an expensive treatment.
I was able to do so, because I developed some knowledge and I found the right tool.

Part of my success at avoiding expensive treatment was from knowledge and understanding.  I put that in the book : What You Should Know About Gum Disease.

Another part of my success was due to finding the right tool to do the job I needed done.  That tool is what I call the Best Flosser.

And now, I have shared these resources with you.   Even though I have done that, I know you may not listen to me.   Let's face it, most people are intent on following the mainstream.  They will go ahead and go for the Scaling and Root Planing Treatment or the Gum Grafts or the other surgeries that will be both costly and require some recovery.    

They will spend a lot of money on expensive treatments.  Those are the same treatments that a wise person can learn to prevent.   You know what many doctors say?   "Prevention doesn't pay."  A doctor told me that when I told him about my book.    Isn't that telling?   I think it is.

I can tell you that prevention does pay.   It pays the patient.  And it can pay off big time in savings and hassles in the future.   

prevent dental health problems and save money later.

I have an experience to share.  Not just mine either.  I have a story to tell.  If you want to hear that story, give me a call.   1-888-586-6849.    There is no obligation or anything like that.  But maybe I have information that is worth hearing / learning.  

Of course, you always want to listen to and be under the care of your dentist.  But, that doesn't mean a person can't learn things that can help her further, right?   You should always get your regular cleanings and checkups.   That's important.   But, even most dental professionals will acknowledge that what you do at home, every day, and between office visits, has the greatest impact on your dental health. 



PS: The two resources again are: 
1.   What You Should Know About Gum Disease.   And 2. the Best Flosser

top tool for helping to fight gum disease and the book What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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