Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Minty Fresh Flavor For Power Knocking Out Bad Breath

power knock out bad breath minty formulaThis: is the minty fresh version of the power knock out bad breath formulas.

As with the other power knock out formulas  you can use coupon a-fg10 to save even more.

Why does this work better than other stuff you have tried?

1. The power of oxygen.  Oxygenation disrupts the metabolism and can even kill the anaerobic bacteria responsible for causing bad breath.   Very few products on the market utilize the power of oxygen. 

2. The  power of pH balance.  Very few people understand this concept.  The reality is that acid causes bad breath causing bacteria to multiply.

Here is an example: Coffee!   Coffee is VERY acidic.   People talk about 'Coffee breath'  - but why does that happen?   It's because the acid caused the already 'nasty' bacteria to grow and multiply very quickly!

But driving the pH balance of the mouth higher (closer to neutral), you SLOW DOWN the growth of these 'nasty' bacteria.

Now, combine the two power items  : oxygenation + pH balance and you find that you have the KNOCK OUT POWER to get rid of bad breath!  

Extremely few products have either of these items.  The products we are talking about here have BOTH.


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