Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Puzzle Of The HydroFloss

hydro floss puzzle revealed
Yesterday, I talked to a nurse.  She has some periodontal issues.  She told me she had one 9mm pocket and a few 4s and 5s and yet her periodontist said she was in 'doing well'.   (At least that's what she said)

I have a hard time reconciling the facts that she gave with her claim that her periodontist said she was the best patient he had.   It doesn't add up, sorry.

I don't know what the reality is, I can only report what I heard from her.  My guess is that either she was confused or that perhaps there is a problem with that person.

Anyway, her concern was to get her gums healthy again. 

I explained that periodontal pocketing above 3mm is, generally speaking, considered unhealthy.

Many people are able to reduce their periodontal pockets - as measured or verified by their dentist or periodontist - by utilizing the Hydro Floss.  In fact, here is one example, which I also heard yesterday:  Read Claude's Story. 

How do you work with your periodontist or dentist on this?  That's easy.  You just get your periodontal pocket depths readings.   Use the Hydro Floss properly for one month and then go back and get your readings taken again.   Is it working for you?  Great, keep going.

Nothing works 100% of the time for 100% of the people.  That would be impossible.  But, if you use the Hydro Floss properly, you have a shot at improving your dental health - and objectively measured by your dental professional!  

That's the mystery / puzzle of the Hydro Floss.   It's right out in the open, yet so many people miss out on it and end up spending a lot of money on dental health problems that might not need to be.

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