Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Benefits Of Having A Health Related Website

What are those benefits?  

people like to talk health
The things I have written about the Hydro Floss and gum disease tend to attract a lot of people who are into natural healing.   

You might be surprised that in that number of people are a large number of doctors and health professionals.  

One call today was from an x-ray technician.   We talked about all kinds of things from liver cleanses to cancer, to Hulda Clark's Pathogen zapper.  

This is one aspect of my work that I really love.   I hear from people with great experiences and ideas that are far outside the normal (and perhaps limited) "mainstream". 

Sometimes, it is the medical professionals that have some of the best 'alternative' information around.

There is a system in place, I think we all know and understand that.   The number of people with ideas that are outside 'the matrix' (so to speak) are quite numerous.  

That is encouraging to me because it gives me hope for our human race. 

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the benefits of having a great health related site.

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