Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do You Have That Plastic White Piece For The Hydro Floss?


Yes,  here is picture of it: 

plastic insert for the hydro floss

If that is the piece you are looking for, you can find it here.

Some people will call it the plastic white piece, the plug, the prong, the valve.  Many people will refer to it differently.   That is why I put the picture here.  You can see it for yourself.

Will This Fit My HydroFloss

If you have a genuine Hydro Floss it will fit it.  The model has not changed much over the years.  So, if you have a real HydroFloss, this part will fit it.

What If I Need The Whole Tank? 

You can buy the entire hydrofloss reservoir here if you would like to.   Here is a picture of it.   You will see that it comes with both the plastic white piece as well as a rubber o-ring for the bottom and a lid for the top:

tank for the hydro floss replacement tank

You can see that the reservoir comes complete with the parts mentioned above.    Will it fit your Hydro Floss?    Yes, if you have a real Hydro Floss this part will fit it.

If you need the reservoir, you can get it here. 

What If I Just Need That Rubber O-ring?  

No problem,  here is a pictture so that you can be sure it is what you want:

If this is the part you are looking for, you can get it here. 

 Would It Be Better If I Just Get A New Hydro Floss?

If your Hydro Floss is under 3 years old, you can go for the part.   If it is between 3-5 years old, it's a dice roll.   You are probably safer to go with a brand new Hydro Floss.

If it is over 5 years old.  No question for me,  get a new one. 

You can see a picture of a Hydro Floss here.

Do You Have More Parts?    

Yes, we do.  You can check them out here. 

What About The Hose? 

Yes, we have that too.   The handle and the hose come together as one piece.  You cannot get them separately.  Here is a picture:

hydro floss hose assembly

This will fit a genuine hydro floss regardless of how old it is. 

Jet Tips?  

You can click on each link above to see pictures of each item.  Again, if you have a genuine Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator, these parts will fit it.  

We have lids for the reservoir and Hydro Floss tongue scrapers too!   

A Powerful Device

I personally think of the Hydro Floss as a powerful device that can help one to gain and maintain periodontal health (gum health) 

Because gum disease is something that about 75% of people have some of (probably more)  then it would be a good idea for every family to become educated on this issue. 

I believe the Hydro Floss when used properly could really give you better chances of improving your gum health and preventing expensive treatments in the future. 

If you have questions, you can call us and ask at the number on the top of your screen.  

Here are some additional resource to learn about this great tool: 

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