Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dentist Pulls The Wrong Teeth

I found an article that talks about how a dentist is being sued for pulling the wrong tooth on a 4 year old boy


 Scary,  isn't it?

You can read the full story here.  

In this case, it appears that the patient was only 4 years old.   It also seems that he has some longer term problems as a result.

You might think, 4 years old?   He's going to grow new teeth anyway.    True enough.  But it appears that there were additional problems to consider.

I don't know how you view this.  Are the people lawsuite happy, seeking their opportunity?  Or was this dentist truly, intentionally negligent?  

It's got to be tough to hold your head up in the community you serve when the news gets out.   I don't know what the reality is here with this situation.

But, it does sound like there are no winners here.  The boy is suffering and the dentist is suffering.

It's a tough world.

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dentist pulls the wrong tooth on 4 year old boy

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