Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spread of Hepatitis C From Dental Office Confirmed

I was reading that they did find evidence that a dental office in  Tulsa Oklahoma did indeed spread Hepatitis C to on at least one instance

dental office infects at least one patient with hep C
This is the first time this has been noted to have happened at a dental clinic.  But whether it is actually the first time or not is debatable.   There are so many ways for microbes to find their way from one person to another that it is very conceivable that this isn't the 'first time'.   It's only the first time they found evidence of it. 

I previously wrote on this topic here.

You can more from the AP here.

If you have ever taken a microbiology course with a lab, then you probably know quite well how many microorganisms are all around us.  Some are benign, some are infectious. 

Your health depends on a strong and working immune system.  Never forget about your body's natural defenses.   Don't let your body run down.   The body has amazing powers but it needs to be healthy, rested, hydrated and in relatively good shape to keep a healthy immune response going.

At any rate. It is indeed sad to hear about this.   

Even so,  this is probably not the 'first time' something like this has happened. 

If you are in the medical or dental field, it is important to follow all protocols for sterilization as you already know.   This particular office is notable for letting all kinds of things go wrong. 

And this is why he will be in some trouble as a result.   Patient safety HAS to be a priority.  With the stronger and more resistant strains of microbes showing up, you might even think it is dangerous to stay at a hospital.  

Message:  Professionals, maintain vigilance in protocol.   Patients, keep your body as healthy as you can.  Having a strong immunity can help to somewhat protect you when accidentally exposed to something nasty. 

infectious disease spreading from a dental office.

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