Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We Do NOT Store Credit Care Data at Toothy Grins Store - That Helps To Protect Our Customers!

is your financial data safe? Your credit card data is protected because it isn't saved here!  What isn't saved cannot be stolen! 

Think for example, of some of those companies that think they have fool proof systems (including one big online retailer that I won't name).  They are so confident in their 'systems' that they think they can safely store your vital financial information!

Well, how many NEWS stories have come out about such big companies that rashly do that and then get hacked?  Then they have to send out letters and public statements saying their system was hacked and your data was stolen!  How often do they apologize for putting your vital info at risk.

Do they ever say, "Well we thought we were safe but we were wrong!  We won't do that again!"  They usually just go on storing the data after their little 'incident', don't they?  

We, on the other hand, don't save credit data at all!   After a few days, it is completely gone from our system!  Even WE  can not  get it back - even if we wanted too!

That's another reason you are safer shopping at Toothy Grins Store rather than those overconfident companies that think they can safely store your financial data 'for you'.   Who gave them that right?   I bet you didn't.

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