Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Power of Cheap Alkaline Water

Cheap Alkaline Water Versus Expensive

Previously, you had to spend a LOT of money (think thousands) to make alkaline water at home.  Big names like Kangen come to mind.

Enter these cheap (inexpensive but good) portable alkaline water makers. 

These portable alkaline water makers are inexpensive in comparison to those costly machines.  They are well constructed, thought out and are built to last.

The portables also come in various colors.  Carrying case and extra filters included too!

In addition, if you don't need to be portable, you can get an inexpensive alkaline water pitcher to keep in your refrigerator.  

Inexpensive Pitchers For The Fridge

Both the portables and the pitchers are cheap (inexpensive) options to those ridiculously costly machines.

You can also order direct from me by telephone.

 The number is 1-888-586-6849.

 If you have any questions, you can also use that number to chat
 with me.

 I think you probably already know about the many benefits that
 alkaline water can bring.

 Alkaline water may be good for your teeth. Most people think its
 good for a lot of other reasons too.

 A higher pH in the mouth retards 'bad' bacteria from growing. It
 also allows your saliva a better chance to harden your teeth.

 Acid water is everywhere. Just get a few pH strips and start
 testing the water around you.

 Most bottled water is acid. Fiji is alkaline, but it is very expensive.


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  1. How much do these cost?

    1. I suspect it depends upon whether you use the "email me a better price" button: