Friday, July 25, 2014

Saved from Additional Gum Surgery

I just spoke with a customer who has been using the Hydro Floss for 15 years.   I asked her about her gum health.  She said it's great and the family has been using the Hydro Floss.

Then she told me a story about her brother-in-law.   He told her husband that he had gum surgery on whole quadrant of his mouth.  The recovery was painful.  While I didn't ask about the cost, you can bet it was expensive. 

Her brother-in-law's dentist was poised to do the other three quadrants as well.  Her husband told the brother about the Hydro Floss. 

Outcome:  He started using it, his gums healed up and he didn't need surgery on the other three quadrants!  

Another GREAT Hydro Floss Story.   

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