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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Morning Light Brings A Friend

Morning Light Brings A Friend

Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil

-  High Quality 

- 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil

- NOT from China - It's from Australia

- Not Cut With Any Other Oils  100% Pure Means 100% Pure!  

- No Smear Label.  You'll Know What Is In This Bottle At Unlike Labels that Smear and Run

- Bottled In America  - You'll Be Supporting Americans With Your Purchase

Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil - The Good Stuff

-Questions?   call David at 1-888-586-6849.

PS:  40% OFF Coupon for Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil.  

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tea Tree Oil On Amazon

Click Here To Get Tea Tree Oil On Amazon

Tea Tree Oil Available On Amazon

You can find our Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil on this site as well as on Amazon.  This is a great brand of tea tree oil because it is very high quality.  It comes from Australia - unlike other brands.  

Having the oil come from Australia is a bragging point and if a brand doesn't say it is from Australia, it could be that it is from another country such as China.  So, look for 'Australian' tea tree oil. 

You can find out tea tree oil on Amazon here:

100% Pure 

Another quality you should be looking for in tea tree oil is that it is 100% pure.  But, just because a brand claims '100% pure' doesn't mean that it is.   You see, I've seen a brand that claims 100% pure, but what they fail to tell you is that they have other oils in the bottle too!   Therefore, it isn't actually 100% pure.  The oil itself might have been, but once they mix it with other oils, it really isn't.   It's a marketing trick and it is unfair to the consumer.  

When you ask for 100% pure tea tree oil, you should be getting tea tree oil only and NO OTHER oils in the bottle.  Watch out for the above marketing trick. 

You are safe with toothy grins tea tree oil because it is the ONLY oil in the bottle and it is 100% pure.  It's not diluted with other oils or water or anything else!  

When Looking At Our Brand On Amazon - Here Is A Tip

I've noticed a strange phenomenon among shoppers.  I'm pointing this out to benefit you.  I think it happens because people are in a hurry.   

We have our single bottle, 2 pack, 3 pack and 4 pack all on the same page on Amazon.  Just search for Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil and you'll find it.    So, what is strange is that some shoppers will purchase 4 single bottles instead of the 4 pack - which offers very significant savings.    

Again, I think this happens because some shoppers are truly in a hurry and just don't pay attention. So, take this tip for what it is worth because it can save you a lot of money!  

Free Shipping On Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil. 

When you purchase toothy grins tea tree oil, either on this site or on Amazon, you will be getting free shipping if you live in the continental United States.  So shop away!   Everyone loves free shipping.  Because of extra costs involved, shoppers outside of the continental US will have to pay a little extra for shipping.  That also holds true for APO Boxes as well as US territories.   But again, if you live in the continental US, it's as good as prime with free shipping!  

I hope you enjoy that benefit.   

Tea Tree Oil Bottle Label

When I had our bottle designed I had a couple of things in mind.  One was a professional look.  This is because it doesn't matter if you are using the oil yourself or for your business (such as message therapy or other therapy practices), our oil looks professional and you won't be afraid to display it, unlike some other labels out there. 

The other problem that people encounter with their essential oil bottle labels is the labelling runs as soon as drip a little oil on it, which is practically inevitable in my opinion.  Therefore, I had our labels designed to be smear and run resistant.   I've doused the label in oil for over 30 minutes and the label was not damaged and was still fully readable and still looked good.   Don't try that with other brands because the labels probably won't hold up as well!  

If you have used essential oils before, you probably have seen this effect at some point.  It's not professional and it can also cause you to lose track of your oils, particularly if you have a lot of different essential oils in your home, office or clinic.  


How do you like the two pictures above?   Well, I hope you like them, but even if you don't feel free to comment in the comment section below.    

This is what the bottles look like without other items in the picture: 

I think you will find the Toothy Grins brand superior to other tea tree oil brands.  Both the oil itself and the label will make you happy that you purchased this oil.  I hope you will become a loyal user and share our brand with others.   

Tea tree oil is so useful and beneficial that it almost seems like every family should have some.  If you have special uses for tea tree oil that you are willing to share with the readers of this page, please share it in the comment section below.  

If you have liked this page, please consider sharing it on your favorite social media like facebook, pinterest, twitter, google + etc.  

Thanks for visiting.  


PS: here is a 'secret' 40% off coupon code you can use on our single bottles of tea tree oil on Amazon - the code is 40OFFOIL.  - Enjoy!  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Loves Tea Tree Oil - Picture

About This Image

I made this picture based on a review I found for Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil on Amazon.  

If you like it, please share it on social media like facebook and google plus.  Also, please leave a comment here on this page to let me know that I did "ok" on this image - or whatever you think.  I can take criticism as well as a compliment.  

I used keynote as my 'graphic design' program.  It's quick and easy and does a good job.  I took a free image and added our copyrighted tea tree oil image to the picture and then added the text.  "I love this oil"   as the review title is  "Love This Oil" - The customer went on to describe her experience. 

Over 100 Reviews

Last time I looked we had over 100 reviews of our oil. There are many including people who talked about using tea tree oil for eczema, acne, toenail fungus, many other things and believe it or not for "taking care of shotgun handles".    

That last one was an interesting use that I never would have guessed at.  I knew that tea tree oil was very versatile and that people have many uses for it. 

Insect Bites

One use that I have found particularly helpful myself is taking the sting out of insect bites.   I had a particularly nasty one on the soft part of flesh behind the knee.   It was really itchy and wearing jeans and walking around didn't help relieve the itchiness.  But dabbing some tea tree oil on did the trick.  I was very happy with the outcome.  I've used it for insect bites a few times.  

When I was in Greece, it was mosquito season and at night the mosquitoes would come out and bite - even when you were sleeping.  I had bites on my face and arms.   I went to a local store where they had some oils and complained about the bites.  They gave me a multi oil blend - one of the oils in it was tea tree oil.   The blend worked really well.  The mosquitoes stayed away at night and only bit me where I missed a spot or two with the oil.   

Many Uses

I'm always delighted to hear of new uses for Tea Tree Oil.  I know that people use it for many things. It has anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities.   

Of course, you should be careful when using essential oils. I even suggest asking your doctor or a perhaps a natural remedy oriented doctor to get proper directions for  your particular health related need.  

However, people use it for many things that are not related to health.  One customer said she used it in a spray to help keep pet odors down and to clean a dog bed.   

Someone I know uses it as a mouth rinse.   (although you should never swallow tea tree oil - spit it out).   

Anyway, there are tons of uses for it.  I'd be really curious to hear what you use it for.  If you don't mind, please share by leaving a comment below.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Look At This Tea Tree Oil Review 2015

A Tea Tree Oil Review dated March 2015... 

You can also find more tea tree oil reviews on this site.    ( a lot more) 

You can purchase tea tree oil at this link:

Tea tree oil is pretty awesome stuff.  People have discovered literally thousands of uses for it.
I have found it quite useful myself.

One use I learned from reading what customers said was for insect bites.  It tends to take the itch out of them pretty quick.    That's great when you get a bite that keeps bothering you.  

When I was in Greece, I was plagued by mosquitoes.  Every night they would come out and bite me while I was sleeping.    I went to a local chop and they gave me a special blend of oils.  One of the oils in the blend was tea tree oil.   I rubbed it on at night and the only bites I received were on the spots I had missed with the oil.   What a relief!

Anyway,  the tea tree oil we have on this site.  is 100% pure australian tea tree oil. I really think you will enjoy the quality of it.  Because whatever your preferred use out of the thousands that are possible, i think you chances of being successful with an oil is going to vary with its quality.  Our oil is high quality and might just give you better results than other brands that are not so.

You can check out our brand here:

Friday, June 12, 2015

White Toenail Fungus Treatment

WebMD defines White Toenail Fungus as  

"White superficial onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nail surface. Symptoms include:
  • White spots or streaks on the nail surface.
  • Soft and powdery nail surface, as the infection gets worse.
  • Damaged, crumbly, and brown or gray nail surface. But the nail doesn't separate from the skin underneath."

Dr. Weil Toenail Fungus Treatment Recommendation

Dr. Weil's website says the following: 

"Dr. Weil has always recommended using tea tree oil, a natural disinfectant sold at health food stores, for nail fungus. Here, too, you won't get speedy results. Paint the oil on affected nails twice a day for at least two months. The nail has to grow out for the fungus to be eradicated, so you may not see results for a year. An alternative remedy is grapefruit seed extract used the same way as tea tree oil - twice a day for at least two months. Eating 1-2 cloves of raw garlic a day may also be helpful over time as garlic has significant anti-fungal properties."

Additional Help. 

Here is some information on a customer who used tea tree oil on his toenail fungus.  He offers a unique twist that I think is worth reading.  

Remember to always be under the care of a physician.   Don't try to self diagnose because what if the problem is something other than what you think it is?    When self-treating something, even if you know what it is, it is still best to be under the guidance of a physician so that she can monitor your progress and help insure that everything goes smoothly. 



Saturday, June 6, 2015

On Amazon: Tea Tree Oil With Free Shipping

Tea Tree Oil On Amazon With Free Shipping

We have four Amazon packages for tea tree oil.   

1. Single Bottle of Tea Tree Oil  - This, like all the other packages on this page is made of 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.  Look out for brands that don't say "Australian" on them because it is very likely they are coming from another country (China, New Zealand and others).   Australian is regarded as the best.  You can find the single bottles here.  

2.   Double pack of tea tree oil -  You save a good bit over a single bottle and still get free shipping.  This is 100% pure oil as are the other packages on this page.  Make sure that you are getting 100% pure tea tree oil when you shop.  There are brands out there that 'say' 100% pure, but when you inspect more closely, you discover that there are other oils mixed in!  It's really not the same value at all!   Ours is 100% pure Australian tea tree oil with nothing else in the bottle.  

3. Triple back - the savings are even greater.   - Once, my wife bought some really cheap "100% Pure "tea tree oil from a local store.  I thought the price was a little unbelievable.  So I looked closely at the package and sure enough - it was cut with two other oils.  So, I guess they were saying that in addition to other oils there is "100% pure" tea tree oil in the bottle.  Look out for these deceptive marketing tactics!   Again, ours is 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil with nothing else in the bottle!  

4.  Four pack of tea tree oil.  This is probably your best value.  When you break the cost down, the price per bottle is extremely reasonable AND the shipping is still free!   As with the other packages on this page it is true 100% Australian tea tree oil.   In addition, every bottle comes with our signature label that will NOT smear, drip or run - even if you douse it in oil for 30 minutes!    This allows you to keep your collection straight and looking good!  

Of course, Toothy Grins would prefer if you bought our tea tree oil from our site.  But, I  also understand if you just want to shop on Amazon.   We won't hold it against you, but you might want to consider our 40% off coupon as an incentive to shop with us.  

If you prefer, you can also order your tea tree oil directly from us at 1-888-586-6849.  

Friday, June 5, 2015

She Says Tea Tree Oil is Good For Shingles

she says that tea tree oil is good for shingles.  

Here is the post on facebook so that you can read what she said for yourself. 

*please always be under the care of a physician and follow his or her advice regarding tea tree oil.  

Isn't it awesome to hear from people with real life experience!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

She Used Tea Tree Oil On Arthritis and Toenail Fungus

I found a shared experience from a person who said she was able to use tea tree oil against both toenail fungus AND arthritis.

I thought it was really interesting.

 I'd rather send you there, to the original post rather than copy her information are repost it here.

Here is the link to the Facebook post she made.  

Enjoy and share you comments below, or share your own experiences with tea tree oil.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Discussion about using tea tree oil against toenail fungus

This is an interesting discussion on facebook about using tea tree oil to clear up toenail fungus:

There are some interesting experiences and good information being shared on this topic.

If you go there, please do leave a comment and join the discussion.   You might even ask some of the participants for more details.

It's a difficult problem

Toenail fungus is a problem that many people face.  We keep our feet covered most of the time and they do tend to sweat.  Generally, a dark, moist environment is suitable for fungus to grow.  

Since tea tree oil is generally believed to be good at killing viruses, bacteria and fungus, it kind of makes sense that it would be something that can work in this situation. 

But reading the successes of others is helpful when the problem exists. 

Of course, you should always be under the care and guidance of a licensed physician.  Maybe that doctor would be willing to teach you how to use tea tree oil for this particular purpose? 

Here is the discussion again:  

I hope you will join in and ask a question or share your own experience. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cheap (inexpensive) But High Quality Tea Tree Oil

Here is a way to get inexpensive but HIGH quality tea tree oil.  

I mean inexpensive as in a 40% discount off the retail price!

The discount coupon to use is 40OFFOIL  and you can use it at this link to secure 40% off (per bottle) of the normal retail price.

What Is High Quality? 

There are at least 3 points that make tea tree oil high quality (in my opinion). 

1.  True Australian tea tree oil -  A lot of oil is coming from other countries (like China).  If the brand you are looking at isn't bragging that they have Australian Tea Tree Oil, then you might want to be a little concerned.    After all, why wouldn't you put it right on the label if you had Australian tea tree oil?  

2.  100% Pure  - Unfortunately some companies manipulate the meaning of this term to trick people.  I'll explain by way of an example.   Someone I knew bragged to me about how cheap she got 100% pure tea tree oil.  I was very suspicious when I heard the price.   A quick look at the label showed that there was not 'just' tea tree oil in the bottle but also 2 other oils!   She had been fooled by a claim that did not tell the 'whole' truth.  

Maybe they had pure tea tree oil, but they failed to mention that there were two other oils in the bottle with it.  - In my opinion this indicates that it is not 100% pure tea tree oil!   And I believe most people's opinion is or would be the same as mine - with the possible rare exception.  

3. The label.   Why would anyone take a high quality label and put it in a bottle with a label that runs or smears the second any oil gets on it (which is inevitable in my opinion).    If you have several oils and the label smears off, that just wouldn't be right.    Get a bottle with a label that does not smear or run when oil gets dripped on it.

This is essential for professionals who should look good in front of their clients.  But it is also important for individuals who want to keep their oils straight!

As you can guess, this tea tree oil fits the bill well.   Don't forget to use your 40% off coupon:  40OFFOIL

PS: you can also find this oil on Amazon

Monday, May 18, 2015

She Used Tea Tree Oil To Treat Her Dogs Against Fleas And Ticks

I thought this was a great little review from a customer who used our tea tree oil to protect or dogs against fleas and ticks.

You can read the full review by clicking here.  

This customer loves our tea tree oil.

* Please remember to check with your vet before using tea tree oil on your pets.  This is a precaution to keep everyone safe, including your pets.  Your vet should be able to guide you in the proper use of tea tree oil.  - Hey, It's worth a quick phone call, isn't it?

You can read more about our quality tea tree oil here:

Two pack:   - This brings the per bottle cost down to a very reasonable

You can also find the 1, 2 , 3 and 4 bottle packs on Amazon.

The difference between our oil and other oils:

1.  High quality 100% pure tea tree oil.  Some people call their oil "100% Pure" but they forget to inform you that it is not the only oil in the bottle.  With ours, you get only 100% pure Australian tea tree oil and nothing else.

2.  From Australia and bottled in the USA.   Some oils don't come from Australia.  They might come from China or possibly other countries.    Australian is the best.   If the bottle doesn't say Australian on it, it's probably not from Australia!  Keep that in mind when shopping for tea tree oil!

3.   No smear / no run label.   I don't like it when essential oil labels run and smear.  Sometimes they do so to the point that you can't read the label anymore.   Toothy Grin's label won't do that.  It's super high quality, just like the oil in the bottle!

Next:  Read More.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

He Used Tea Tree OIl To Clear Up His Toe Nail Fungus

I have a great review from a man who used Toothy Grins' tea tree oil to clear up his toenail fungus.

Credit Attribution - Amazon -  Read The Original Review

Review Quote:  " ... I had developed some big toenail fungus a while back and had tried a couple of products that didn't work I decided to try the Tea Oil to get rid of it.  A few applications using whatever stuck to the blade of a very small screw driver as an applicator for the affected area cleared it up...."

Credit Attribution - Amazon -  Check The Original Review

Apparently, he used the blade of a screw driver to get to the harder to reach places under the toenail.

I had read before that it doesn't quite work as well to just put the oil on top of the nail, so this method makes a little more sense.

Anyway, I thought I would share this awesome review because it is worth noting how he specifically was able to use the tea tree oil successfully (in his opinion) against toenail fungus.

Who wants that nasty fungus anyway?  Great that there is something that can help to get rid of it.

Read The Original Review on using tea tree oil to clear up toenail fungus 

The Best Tea Tree Oil? 

This is the oil that the gentleman in the review was specifically using and that he wrote the review on:

This is 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil and it is available right here on this site: 

Of course, you should always be under the care of a physician when working on any or all  health care issues.   I just thought I would share this man's experience because it is so interesting.  I think others will find reading about it interesting as well.

PS:  here is a 40% off coupon for this tea tree oil :  40OFFOIL  use the coupon here.  (works at the time I wrote this, can't guarantee it for the future - so hurry). 

Friday, April 10, 2015

She Used Tea Tree Oil To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus

She said in her review that our tea tree oil helped her with her nail fungus.

You can read the full review here:

Of course, we don't make ANY medical claims whatsoever about our tea tree oil.   I can only tell you what this reviewer said and show you her review through the link above.  

You should always be under the care of a physician who can help you treat your nail fungus.  A good doctor should be knowledgeable in how to treat nail fungus with tea tree oil.   Of course, if you don't like your doctor, you have every right to go and find another doctor.

Next Read More about Our Tea Tree Oil


Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Best Tea Tree Oil?

Check out this video,  let me know what you think...

Tea Tree Oil is awesome, but it needs to be high quality.

The Best Tea Tree Oil Is: 

  • 100% Pure Tea Oil

  • From Australia  (but we bottle it in the USA!) 

  • Not Cut With Other Oils!  

  • Not Thick - Real Tea Tree Oil is NOT Thick. 

  • Deosn't Smell Like Turpentine!   -  If your tea tree oil smells like turpentine or an industrial solvent, there is probably something wrong!  

Try Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil.  

Whatever you want to use Tea Tree Oil for - Give yourself the best chance for success by using the best oil!  


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Where Can You Get 16 OZ of Tea Tree Oil

I just had a potential customer write and ask me this question.

This isn't really the right question to ask though!

The question should have been, where can I get 16 OZ of really high quality tea tree oil.

Of course, you probably already know the answer.

You can get it here:

But alas, I understand that this person is looking for a single container of 16Oz.  oil.

That I really cannot help with.

You can get such sizes, but I cannot vouch for the quality.

Here is one such place:

But honestly, after reading the reviews and looking at the price, I cannot recommend it.  

You know, it's really hard to please all of the people.   

If you want quality oil, yes, it is going to cost more.  

Sorry, it's just that way.  

I remember a story I read about a woman who always bought tea tree oil at walmart.  One day, her brother told her to try better quality oil.  She started getting the results that she wasn't really getting with the cheap oil. 

That's the way it is sometimes.  If you want to get something accomplished, whatever your purpose might be, it's best to start with high quality oil. 

Ours is great quality oil.    It's also from Australia.  It's not from another country like (well, I don't want to name any names).  

It's just really hard to vouch for oil that doesn't appear to be high quality.  So I can't comment on that oil!  

Next step, check out our oil: