Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Aktiv Oxigen Drops

Toothy Grins Store is currently carrying Aktiv Oxigen Drops. These drops are a stabilized chlorine dioxide compound. 

We have the:  AktivOxigen Serum 3-Pak

We also have the Single AktivOxigen Serum

And the:  AktivOxigen Serum 6-Pak

There are also available on Amazon

You may remember the Aktiv Oxigen Tablets.  Unfortunately, the tablets are not available.  However,
the serum, as mentioned above is.

They come in blue cobalt bottles to protect the stability of the chloroxy compounds.

Here is some information that applies to the aktiv oxigen drops:

" Mix this highly concentrated,unflavored, oxygenating serum with water or fruit juice to produce a powerful, antibacterial oral rinse solution that is very effective at eliminating the bad breath germs in your throat and tonsils when used as directed. You can also add a few drops to any oral irrigator or water flosser to increase its effectiveness! Approximately 60 uses per bottle. "

The ingredients include:   Unflavored Active ClO2 in liquid form


For regular use, squeeze about 8 drops of AktivOxigen Serum into the plastic measuring tube. Add water or fruit juice to fill line. (Use orange or pineapple juice for best results.)

For a maximum strength solution, use up to 16 drops. You can also add a few drops to our Oral Rinse formulas for more strength.

Never ingest undiluted, AktivOxigen Serum! Always dilute with water or fruit juice as directed.

Related part numbers:   MTWS-AKTO-91 ,  MTWS-AKTO-94  

Enjoy your Aktiv Oxigen drops (serum)  AktivOxigen drops



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