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Saturday, August 24, 2019

What Should I Use In My HydroFloss?

What Should I Use In My Hydro Floss?  
I get asked this question fairly frequently.   The honest truth is that you can just use tap water if you are using your HydroFloss correctly.  

But some folks still want that extra "oomph".    

What would that be?  

Aktiv Oxigen is a powerful oxygen additive for your HydroFloss.  (You can also make a stand alone mouthwash with it)

Why would oxygen be important to you?   

Oxygen is the bane of the anaerobic (oxygen hating) bacteria which are almost all of the ones that contribute to gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.  

In the microscopic world, oxygen often has one of two effects. 

1. It kills the bacteria that cannot stand the presence of oxygen.  

2.  Some bacteria can convert to oxygen metabolism,  the effect is still there because when they switch to functioning in an oxygenated environment, they switch off their acid secreting byproducts that cause the problems mentioned above. 

Just 8 drops for the HydroFloss reservoir.   This might give you the extra "oomph" you are looking for.  

But again, you really don't need it unless you feel you want that extra boost.   

So, it isn't necessary for everyone.   I Just want to be honest about that. 

You can find some here:  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Aktiv Oxigen Drops

Toothy Grins Store is currently carrying Aktiv Oxigen Drops. These drops are a stabilized chlorine dioxide compound. 

We have the:  AktivOxigen Serum 3-Pak

We also have the Single AktivOxigen Serum

And the:  AktivOxigen Serum 6-Pak

There are also available on Amazon

You may remember the Aktiv Oxigen Tablets.  Unfortunately, the tablets are not available.  However,
the serum, as mentioned above is.

They come in blue cobalt bottles to protect the stability of the chloroxy compounds.

Here is some information that applies to the aktiv oxigen drops:

" Mix this highly concentrated,unflavored, oxygenating serum with water or fruit juice to produce a powerful, antibacterial oral rinse solution that is very effective at eliminating the bad breath germs in your throat and tonsils when used as directed. You can also add a few drops to any oral irrigator or water flosser to increase its effectiveness! Approximately 60 uses per bottle. "

The ingredients include:   Unflavored Active ClO2 in liquid form


For regular use, squeeze about 8 drops of AktivOxigen Serum into the plastic measuring tube. Add water or fruit juice to fill line. (Use orange or pineapple juice for best results.)

For a maximum strength solution, use up to 16 drops. You can also add a few drops to our Oral Rinse formulas for more strength.

Never ingest undiluted, AktivOxigen Serum! Always dilute with water or fruit juice as directed.

Related part numbers:   MTWS-AKTO-91 ,  MTWS-AKTO-94  

Enjoy your Aktiv Oxigen drops (serum)  AktivOxigen drops



Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Friday, July 26, 2013

25 Percent Off Coupon Code For Aktiv-Oxigen 6 Pack

Here is a nifty 25% off coupon code for a 6 Pack of Aktiv-Oxigen  :  oxygen25

This coupon Will Expire on July 31st 2013  at midnight  PST.   Don't miss out on this big time savings opportunity. 

You can read more about Aktiv-Oxigen on this blog post. 

This 25% off  coupon is only good for a 6 Pack of Aktiv-Oxigen at Toothy Grins Store! 

The code again is :    oxygen25  

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Aktiv oxigen drops can be used with the Hdyro Floss coupon
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Aktiv-Oxigen Drops - Oxygenated Power For Your Mouth

Aktiv-Oxigen is a clever product  created by an expert in bad breath treatment.

It is designed to deliver oxygen to the mouth when used according to directions.  You see, the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities and even gum disease do not do well in the presence of oxygen.

Therefore, it makes sense to give them some!  

Aktiv-Oxigen now comes in glass  containers to preserve the stability of the compound.  

Some people ask: What should I use in my HydroFloss ?  One great trick is to add 8 drops of the Aktiv-Oxigen to your Hydro Floss reservoir.   Powerful.  

Next: Read more about Aktiv-Oxigen. 

For a limited time there is a 25% off coupon available for a 6 Pack of these drops.  Don't miss out! 


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Aktiv oxigen for use in the Hydro Floss
hydrofloss recommended by a nurse

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

AktivOxigen Tablets Have Been Discontinued

The Therabreath AktivOxigen Tablets have been discontinued.  

It is suggested that you use the AktivOxigen Serum instead.

substitute the AO Serum instead (1 bottle AO Serum = 8 Tabs = 4 Sheets of Tabs)

Or consider making your own oxygenated (ozonated) water.  -This is the cheaper solution in the long run.


The Following is about the discontinued Aktiv Oxigen tabs,  again -  please use the Aktiv Oxigen Serum instead. 

12 Tablets and 2 bottles (occasionally 3 bottles)  

Make your own powerful oxygenated mouthwash with these AktivOxigen tablets.

Mix one of these tablets with 8 ounces of water.  Clean your throat and tonsils before bed.  You can also use your home made rinse in your hydro floss

This item ships free in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.  


Depending on the severity of your problem, place1 or 2 AktivOxigen tablets into the special bottle.  Fill bottle with tap water.  

Close cap tightly and shake for 10 seconds. 

AktivOxigen Oxygenating Solution is now ready to use as: 

1. A Potent Oxygenating Oral Rinse.  Rinse mouth thoroughly with 2-3 capfuls  of AktivOxigen Oxygenating Solution each time for 90 seconds.  Also dip your dental floss into the solution and then proceed to floss.  

2.  A Powerful Breath & Taste Refershing Gargle.  Use 2-3 capfuls of AktivOxigen Oxygenating Solution and gargle for 90 seconds.  Great for cleansing dry, sticky throats.  For a refreshing taste, AktivOxigen Oxygenating Solution, can be refrigerated. 

3. A Part Of Your Daily Oral Hygiene Program.  Use AktivOxigen Oxygenating Solution in conjunction with Therabreath.  Oxygenating Products (Tooth Gel, Breath Spray, PowerDrops, and Chewing Gum) For Superior Oral Health!  

Active Ingredients: Sodium Chlorite & Sodium Bisulfate. 

The two bottles are recylcable.   Not tested on animals!  

You can use coupon code toothygrins5  to get 5% off at checkout!  

The AO tabs have now been discontinued,  It is suggested that you use the AktivOxigen Serum instead.


PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath 

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chlorine Dioxide Drops

Chlorine Dioxide Drops

Find small bottles of chlorine dioxide drops here

People have a variety of reasons for wanting to use chlorine dioxide.  The reason for these drops to exist is primarily for fighting bad breath.

But,  everyone has their own reasons.  

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide compound.   Follow the directions that come with the drops. 

You can currently get these drops:

in a single bottle.

in a package of 3  

in a package of 6  


PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath 

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Read About The Hydro Floss

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Aktiv Oxigen Drops Are Cool

AktivOxigen is a concentrated solution that comes in d dropper bottle.   You should mix it with water or fruit juice.   You can also add it to your Hydro Floss (just 8 drops).

Oxygen is the bane of anearobic bacteria.  Those are the ones who cause us dental health problems like bad breath, gum disease and cavities.   Their acid byproducts (waste) are the problem.

Turns out, these 'bad bacteria' do not like oxygen.   Therefore, oxygen turns out to be our friend.   Obviously, we need it to breath.  But many alternative health care people really believe in the power of oxygen.     A home ozone generator is another source of oxygen.

One bottle of this potent AktivOxigen serum can make about 60 doses of mouthwash for you - just follow the instructions that come with it.

It is vegan approved and has NOT been tested on animals.  Aktiv-Oxigen is also Kosher certified.

Aktiv-Oxigen is a CL02 - no flavor added.  Use only about 8 drops to make a mouthrinse or for use in your Hydro Floss.

It is also available in 3 Pak form.

I once had a customer tell me he obtained great results from this for a difficult dental health problem he was facing.  I won't go into details about his private information.   But, I mention it to let you know that people do believe it has been greatly beneficial to them.


David Snape

PS: While here, be sure to pick up your free guide:  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps


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