Wednesday, August 20, 2014

HydroFloss In Australia?

The Hydro Floss has been made for North America.   That means it is made for the 110v system in Canada and the US. 

Australia is on the 220 V system.  If you get a Hydro Floss from North America, you are going to need a converter. 

Converters Vs Adapters 

Please be very aware: A converter is NOT the same thing as an adapter (although you may need both).   If you were to ONLY use an adaptor, you WILL destroy your Hydro Floss.

A converter is something that changes the voltage.  It will take the 220V in Australia and CONVERT it to 110V so that you can successfully use your Hydro Floss without blowing it up. 

I'm stressing this point about the converter VS the adapter because I've had at least two customers who were confused about the difference.

In both cases, these customers used an ADAPTER and NOT a converter and that caused their machines to  break.   We are talking smoke, etc.   The engine burns up on that high voltage.

You must use a converter which is technically a step-down-transformer.  

Not All Converters are Created Equal

Unfortunately, some converters break (fail) in weeks, days or even in some cases - hours!  That's no good!

You need a converter that is stable enough to last for years.   First of all, it's cost effective that way.  Second of all, who wants to run around buying converters all of the time.

Fortunately,  I have the answer when it comes to converters.

I've got a few that I've left plugged in for months at a time.  I have three of these and in a 5 year period NONE Of them have failed.

Here is the exact model I'm using.      

The Hydro Floss is something that Toothy Grins Store specializes in.   When you buy it here, you get helpful phone support.     How do you get the most out of your hydro floss?   How do you get the best results.   If you are a customer of Toothy Grins, you can call and ask.    1-888-586-6849.  

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You can also find one one on Amazon,  but you won't get the phone support and the nice bonuses that you'll find at ToothyGrinsStore.

I hope you enjoyed this.  If you have any questions, just ask me! 

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