Friday, August 22, 2014

HydroFloss On Craigslist ?

I just got a call from a guy who found our number on Craig's list.

Toothy Grins is not currently advertising on Craig's list.  So I thought this was strange.

Apparently, someone is trying to sell a used one and put our 888 number for a Free consultation.

That's not ok.   No one is allowed to use our number that way.

Don't trust just anyone to get your Hydro Floss.  These are special machines with a special magnetic technology that really does a great job of reducing plaque and tartar build up.

It does so well that it has been clinically documented not just once, but twice by different researchers.  You can't get this kind of plaque reducing action from a regular irrigator.

Don't go for cheap Knock Offs that can't provide this benefit to you.

You can get a Hydro Floss here at   Toothy Grins Store.    

We also sell it on Amazon  ,  but you can get a better deal buying direct from Toothy Grins.

There are very few people authorized to sell this machine.   You have to question the source because if you get a cheap imitation, in addition to it possibly not being effective, it could also be that your warranty would not be honored.

Plus you can't get a real consultation about how to get the best out of your Hydro Floss from a scammer.  

But you can get a free phone consultation  when you buy from Toothy Grins Store.

I hope this clears up the question about the Hydro Floss on Craig's list.


David Snape


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