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Oral B Water Flosser - Is It The Best?

My Thoughts on Oral B

Oral B is a well respected brand.  They have done well and the electric toothbrushes are well made.

I'm sure their oral b water jets are also well made.

Actually, you can't call the oral b irrigators "water flossers" at all, because Waterpik has trademarked the phrase "water flosser".  

Generally,  oral be will call their irrigators "Water Jets"  and I think they are a bit hard to find in the US.   But, they are sold in Germany.

I can't find anything wrong with this brand at all.

Oral B is owned by the Gillette company (originally by Braun, which is owned by Gillette now) which is, in turn, owned by Proctor and Gamble.   (at the time of this writing).  

Is The Oral B Water Flosser The Best?  

I must confess, I have not used it at all.   

However, I do know of something that I think is better.   How can I say that without using it?  I know, it seems a bit unfair, doesn't it?   

But, please hear me out.  

A long time ago Michael Faraday (English scientist and inventory) noted that the properties of water changed when passing through a magnet.   (This influence is actually on the minerals in the water).  

Turns out that there is a great use for this in oral care.   The charge that is placed on the minerals, when the magnet is the right size and oriented correctly,  causing plaque and bacteria to become less adhesive.  

They come off easier!  That leads to a greater reduction and plaque and tartar buildup.  This in turn can protect our dental health better.  

Less plaque and tartar buildup means potentially less problems for our dental health,  and less expensive bills, pain, etc... at the office.  

While the Oral B Brand is strong, respected and well known, there is only one oral irrigator that has this magnetic technology correctly applied.  (I'm leaving off a copy cat product that has an untested magnet).  

The tested and proven magnet is in the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator.  


David Snape

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