Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Water Irrigator For Teeth - Do I Need One Of Those?

A Water Irrigator For Teeth?  Is that Necessary? 

So, there are two sides to this story.   You will run into some dentist and hygienists who say you shouldn't use one at home.  

water irrigator for teethOn the other hand, there are those who recognize the benefit and actively tell their patients to get one!   I count them among the informed and helpful dental professionals.

Benefit To Irrigation

Instead of telling you what I think about irrigation which is all positive  (up to 60 PSI that is),  I will instead propose that you do your own experiment.

After lunch, or any meal for that matter, try brushing and flossing your teeth (regular dental floss).  Then, after that, use an irrigator.   

Watch what comes out into the sink.   I think that will show you the value of using a water irrigator!

The Pressure Problem

One thing that I think you should be careful about when it comes to water irrigators is the pressure settings.   Some go too high in my opinion and in the opinion of others who are more knowledgeable in the world of irrigators.  

60 PSI is probably the highest setting that is still safe.  Unfortunately, many irrigators go higher than that.  Check into that. 

Of course, I'm giving you an opinion and it is based on what I have been told from the manufacturer of one brand of irrigators.   The other brands may not agree with that premise.   I am saying that to be fair and to help you make your own decision. 

The Best Water Irrigator

Water irrigation could be a powerful tool for your dental health.  Of course, you should only do it after being trained by your dentist or hygienist.   But the process itself is relatively easy to learn. 

Better to have personal instruction though, so that you get it right.

Speaking of which,  many dental professionals recommend this irrigator to their patients:

It helped me personally too.   It saved me from forking out a lot of dollars for gum treatments. 

My improvement was verified by my dentist at the time.   She specifically said,  "Whatever you are doing, keep it up and you don't need that treatment any longer"   ('that treatment' was a deep cleaning or scaling and root planing treatment).

You can read more about it at the above link.    Thanks for dropping by and if you have anything to add to this conversation, please use the chat function below.   I would like to hear from you.

PS:  Get your free guide on stopping gum disease. 

water irrigator for teeth

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