Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Home Remedies For Gum Disease - Are There Any Good Ones?

Gum Disease Really IS A Big Problem

It's not just a big problem because it affects about 3 out of every 4 people you and I know.  Although, that is certainly cause for concern. 

It's a big problem because it is the number one reason that people lose teeth.   You would think cavities or accidents would be number one, right?   Not so.  By far, gum disease is the number one reason. 

It's so prevalent that your dentist hardly bats an eye.  That's why you may have gum disease and your hygienist never told you. 

When things get bad enough, they might suggest a SRP (Deep Cleaning - around $1500)  or perhaps LASER gum surgery (even more expensive) or some other costly treatment. 

If you lose a tooth, they might suggest an implant (usually over $2000 per tooth in the US).  

Avoiding The Problem Of Lost Teeth

Since gum disease really is about losing or not losing teeth, we need to pay attention to this problem. 

Gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease are all the same disease, just in different stages. Don't be thrown off by the various terminology. 

The first part of the problem is recognizing it.   

Some People Ask About Home Remedies

This is a natural step for some people.  They understand the costs and drawbacks of the above mentioned treatments and many others not mentioned.  

Is there a natural way?  That becomes the next question.    

There have been all kinds of different mouthwashes and toothpastes invented.  There are gels and essential oils.   There are many offerings.  

The real question is, how do you know if something works for YOU or not.   Who cares what others say works for them?   It is useless to you if it doesn't work for YOU.  

I've tried a lot of things, including some of the above mentioned as well as oil pulling and a variety of other things. 

Every time I would go back and the dentist would shake her head and tell me that still needed that treatment.   

A Key Measurement

What if there was a way to measure your results and know if something is working for you or not?   There is.   It's an objective measurement your dentist or hygienist can give you. 

That measurement is: periodontal pocket depths.  

Key Point:  You want yours to be at 3mm or less.   Generally speaking, most dental professionals will say your gums are healthy if you are at 3mm or less.  

So your goal is to shrink those pockets!    

This measurement is the way you know if any particular treatment or remedy is working for you!  And it all gets verified by your dentist.   Simple and elegant, isn't it?  

What Worked For Me

As I mentioned before, I tried a LOT of things and nothing seemed to be working.  What finally did work?  

The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator  - That's what worked for me. 

When I went back to the dentist after using it for a while, she said everything was better and I no longer would need the treatment she previously recommended.   I was relieved and delighted.  

Now I sell them from my website: 

It's a terrible feeling to hear that your teeth are in danger and could be lost.    If you can find a way to avoid it,  perhaps you can save them?    The key measurement above will help you figure that out. 

You should see a phone number at the top of the screen.  I can share my thoughts and feelings with you on this topic.   Always be under the care of your own personal dentist when facing a problem like this one.


PS:  Get your free guide on stopping gum disease. 


  1. Really good information to know! My mother lost all her teeth to gum disease over 60 years ago. She said the dentist told her he wanted to cry when he removed them because she had beautiful, perfect teeth, but her gums could not support them.

    1. HI Carla, yes, it can happen that way. That is a very sad story. Gum disease is just a much a threat to people today and they are almost as unaware of it as 60 years ago. Many people have lost teeth and have dentures or implants and they still don't know the reason was gum disease. I've kind of made it my mission to bridge the gap between the professionals and regular folks.