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Chlorine Dioxide Rinse For Better Dental Health?

AktivOxigen Is An Example Of A Stablized Chlorine Dioxide Concentrate That Can Be Made Into An Oral Rinse

These drops are produced by a dentist who specializes in helping his patients fight bad breath.  They come in a cobalt blue bottle for stability.  

How To Make The Rinse

aktivoxigen drops
You can make a chlorine dioxide oral rinse with this formula.  It's very simple.

 It just take 8 to 16 drops (16 is for max strength) and place them in the plastic mixing tube that comes with the drops (see picture to the right).  

Then fill with water or juice to the fill line.  

Yes, juice is ok.  Pineapple is probably the best to use.  But you don't HAVE to use juice, water is just fine.  

Yes, it IS important to dilute these drops. They are simply too strong to use undiluted.  

For The Purpose For Oral Health 

The purpose of using these diluted drops as a mouthwash is to create an oxygenated rinse that can kill anaerobic bacteria.

Of course, stopping bad breath is one reason.   Yet similar anaerobic bacteria are also responsible for causing cavities and gum disease (the number one cause of tooth loss).   

Of course, many people have other uses for CLO2.   Chlorine Dioxide is what it is, after all.   As mentioned before this is a stabilized formulation.  

You can also use a few drops in your oral irrigator to give it a 'boost'.  

In case you are curious, here is the entire ingredient list:    Unflavored Active ClO2 in liquid form.

How Long Does A Bottle Last? 

Under the above described use, it will last for about 60 uses.   So, there is enough there to useful to just about anyone who wants to use chlorine dioxide.  

Where to Purchase These Chlorine Dioxide Drops

There are three places essentially. 

2.  Amazon

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chlorine dioxide rinse

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