Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Get Rid Of Garlic Breath And The Reasons For Its Existence

Getting Rid Of Garlic Breath


Volatile Sulfur Compound Producing Bacteria - That's the reason.  These bacteria are the ones directly responsible for bad breath. 

Control is the answer.  You will never get rid of all of them.  But you can aim to control the population and make your mouth an environment they don't want to live in.   

Problem Origins are a number or factors that contribute to the problem.   We may not be able to change all the factors but perhaps we can influence them. 

One factor is the kind of bacteria that inhabit your mouth.  When we are born is babies we actually don't have bacteria in our mouths.  

Our first bacteria come from our parents or care givers.  That's one factor. 

Another factor is the structure of the tongue you have.   Certain kinds of tongues, with deep grooves and fissures, lend themselves to providing great hiding and growing places for the wrong bacteria.  

What we eat has an impact too.  Obviously, foods like onions and garlic already have sulfur smelling compounds, but that isn't what I mean necessarily. 

You see, pH balance has a lot to do with this.  If you are eating acidic foods and drinking acidic beverages you are giving the bacteria fuel to grow.  They love an acidic environment.  

Many foods that are acidic are also loaded with sugar.  This is food for the bacteria. 

Methods Of Control  

There are two important factors to controlling those bacterial populations.  If you can keep the populations down to a minimum you can prevent them from reaching sufficient levels to give you noticeable bad breath. 

 Ph balance is one.   As mentioned above, acid is their friend.  Alkalinity is the opposite.  It tends to slow them down and retard the population growth. 

Oxygen is the next.   Oxygen is the bane of many of these sulfur compound producing bacteria.  It kills them reducing the population and the number of members who are actively reproducing.  

 These factors can help you to control those populations and reduce bad breath - possibly to the point that it is no longer noticeable.  

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