Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oxycare 3000 Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigator - Is There Something Better?

Is There Something That Works Better?  

I'll Let You Be The Judge.   

Both the Oxycare 3000 and the Hydro Floss employ a magnet.   The idea behind the magnet is that it can place a charge on minerals in water.  That charge causes the plaque and bacteria to become less adhesive and to come off the teeth easier. 

So far so good right? 

But, There is a Catch...

You see, the hydro floss came first and it was born out of an understanding of Michael Faraday's research from centuries ago.   

There is a mathematical calculation involved.   

The Hydro Floss' long cylindrical magnet meets those mathematical criteria.   However, the small round magnet inside the oxycare is not likely to meet those requirements. 


The Hydro Floss has been clinically tested by real, unbiased researchers.  Those researchers were completely independent from the Hydro Floss company.   

Their research was peer reviewed and published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  

That is the professional journal for periodontists - dentists who further specialize in gum health and disease.  

Both studies showed that the HydroFloss is able to create the effect of less plaque and tartar buildup between regular office visits. 

This is important because it is plaque and tartar where the bad bacteria that do so much harm to our teeth and gums hide.  

People, like myself, have really been able to improve the health of their gums with the Hydro Floss. 

On the other hand....  The Oxycare has not been studied by the same professional unbiased researchers and no results have been published in the above mentioned journal that I'm aware of. 

Question is, would you rather have something that is proven to work or something that 'might' work.  Plus, based on what I mentioned about the magnet above, there is a big question mark about how well it may work compared to the Hydro Floss. 


Do you go with something that 'might' be as good or do you go with the original good item?    I guess it's a judgement call but I sure know what I would choose.  

Proven effective VS a Question Mark?    - Which will you choose?  You be the judge... 

If you would like to read more about the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator - You can do so here: 


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