Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Simple Way To Shrink Gum Pockets

Have you been told that your pockets are too deep and or that you have gum disease and need a special (expensive) treatment or that you might lose your teeth?  

Is there an easier way? 

Well, each human body is different of course.  However, many people, including myself have found an easier and less expensive way to shrink gum pockets down to normal levels. 

*When your pockets are 3 mm or less, generally speaking, most dental professionals will say that your gums are healthy at that point.  It's also generally believed that the bacteria can no longer do damage to your gum tissue and supporting bone when your pockets are kept to these smaller sizes.  

There may be more than one way to crack this nut.  But the easiest, fastest and most convenient way I know - plus it's the way that seems to provide great results for a LOT of people (not just a few) is using this device: 

It worked for me and has worked for many other people I have spoken with.  There are some tricks and insights that I can share with you.  I reserve those conversations for my customers.  I'll be glad to share this information with those who purchase through ToothyGrinsStore.com. 

It's basically an added benefit for those who purchase one through this site.  

I've also written a book on gum disease and have various other insights and helpful information to share.  

So, why not start with the one thing that seems to work the best for the most people?   Nothing will work 100% of the time for 100% of the people, but this has worked for a LOT of people. 


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