Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Alkaline Water - Free Videos For You

These are videos that I made on the topic of alkaline water.  You can watch as many as you would like to for free:

Portable Alkaline Water Makers  - These can literally go with you anywhere!  

Alkaline Water Pitchers  - Not so portable but great for home use.

If you are interested in discussing theories about alkaline water and how it may impact health, I'd be glad to chat with you.  Just give me a call at the number you see below (or above).

I feel that awareness is growing and it is more or less something you are going to see more and more people utilizing.

When you think about it, either the alkaline pitchers or the portables would make a great (and welcomed) gift to someone who is particularly health conscious.

Once, they see or "get" the benefits, they might view you in a new light!



PS: questions?  call the above number for assistance.  

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