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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Alkaline Water Review - I Don't Have To Buy Plastic Bottles...

Review on Portable Alkaline Water Makers

Evita writes:  " I'm so glad I have this now, it makes it so easy to drink alkaline water and avoid having to buy plastic bottles.  Thanks very much :) "  

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Evita!  

About 15 Pink Portable Alkaline Water Makers Available

At the time I write this, there are about 15 pink portable alkaline water makers left.  

I have the understanding that once these 15 pink ones are gone, we will not be able to get more of that color.   

So, if you see this before they are gone,  get yours now..  

Obviously, because of the limited availability, I cannot guarantee that you will get one.  If you see that they are still available, then it might be a good idea to get one now before they are no longer available.  

Alkaline Water Gift

Want to give the gift of alkaline water this holiday season?  

Now, you can.   You can give the gift of alkaline water in two forms. 

One is an alkaline water pitcher - great for the kitchen and for the whole family to enjoy. 

The other is in the form of portable alkaline water makers.  They currently come in 4 colors.  Blue, black, red and silver.  

At the time I write this there are about 15 pink portables left.  However,  from what I understand, they will no longer be available in the color pink after these 15 or so go.  

Monday, January 25, 2016

Alkaline Water Cups

Alkaline Water Pitchers

Portable Alkaline Water Makers

Above you see two types of Alkaline water cups.   Both are capable of making alkaline water. 

The pitcher can make Alkaline water almost instantly.  As soon as the water pours through the filter you will have alkaline water.   

It's meant to be used at home and fits easily in the refrigerator for the whole family to enjoy.

As for the portable model, it is one that you can take with you almost anywhere.  It can follow you to the office, the gym, school, and nearly anywhere else you can think of.   The trade off is that it takes slightly longer to make alkaline water. 

You put 'normal' water in then shake up the container, wait about 15 minutes and you will have alkaline water.    

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Where Can I Buy Alkaline Water To Give Away As a Gift

Of course, when giving a gift, you don't just want to buy alkaline water one time.  You want to give a gift that keeps on giving.

Maybe that loved one will appreciate the gift and be reminded of you every time they drink that alkaline water.   Obviously, a one time bottle of alkaline water is not going to make that happen.  
If you drink it one time and throw the bottle away, there won't be much to make memories out of.

So, what is the answer.   It's a stainless steel bottle that can keep on making alkaline water (must change filters of course) for a very long time to come.   When your gift recipient is walking in the park, going to a yoga class or backpacking in the mountains, they need only pull out the trusty water bottle you gave them to partake in alkaline water.  Refreshing...  Especially in remote locations.

So, how does it work?

Easy, it works by putting some water in, shaking it up so the water goes through the filter and waiting about 15 minutes.  Then you have alkaline water that you can drink. 

The small size of the bottle makes it convenient to carry to yoga class or in a back pack when walking around town or way up in the mountains.  Even if you are as high as the clouds, you can enjoy this alkaline water!   

Some people like hot yoga, this is the perfect item to carry with you.  When you sweat, you want to drink.  Instead of drinking water out of a fountain or nasty bottled water, why not bring your own alkaline water?    It's an awesome idea that will make the owner of this little bottle smile!  

You can really enjoy these bottles, they are awesome!   

Where can you get it?  

You can get these little bottles here on toothy grins store, where you can pick your color.  The choices are read, pink, silver, blue and black.    You can see those color choices here: 

With our convenient 'checkout with Amazon' option, you can buy directly from this store while using your Amazon account.   It is quick and easy.   You can watch a video here.  

But what if you want to actually buy it on Amazon.  Well, rest assured your credentials are safe when using checkout by Amazon on this store.  Your data remains safe between yourself and Amazon.  This store never sees your financial information.  

But if you really want to buy these portable alkaline water makers on Amazon, you can buy clicking here.  

Are They Good For Travel?  

You bet they are.  That's the whole point of these alkaline water makers.  You can take them with you wherever you go.  They are not bound to your kitchen. 

Driving somewhere?  Take these with you and have alkaline water conveniently in the car with you. 

Going Hiking?   Oh, these lightweight convenient bottles are the best to put in a backpack.  

Yoga Class?  We already talked about that one.  Definitely good to take to class with you. 

Staying at a hotel?  Again, convenient and easy solution.   

If you'd rather drink alkalized water rather than tap or bottled water while on the go, then you definitely want to keep one of these with you!    They are awesome.   

Questions About Them? 

Give us a call if you want to order by phone or have questions about these awesome portable alkaline water bottles.  

You can call 1-888-586-6849 and ask for David 

Enjoy your new bottle or give as an awesome gift! 

-David for  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Alkamate - The Amazing Alkalizing Water Bottle 

Alkamate - The Amazing Alkalizing Water Bottle - Say That 10 Times Fast!  

Obvious question -  Just What is an alkalizing water bottle?   

It's a stainless steel container that you can take with you and make alkaline water with, whenever you want!   Take it camping to yoga class, the office, the gym, - you name it.  The power is yours!  

Here is what the alkamate looks like: 

What If I Want A Different Color For My Portable Alkaline Bottle?

Yes, I can understand.  If you are not a big fan of red, you can also get one or more of these in pink, blue, black or silver.  

You can check out all the colors available here: 

How Much Water Does It Hold / Make At One Time?

500 ML which is about 1/2 liter or roughly 1/2 quart.   Consider that these are made to be carried with you, that's why the quantity is small.   Imagine if you had to lug around a 1/2 gallon or bigger bottle.  

That wouldn't be ideal.  These are small enough to carry around with you - wherever you go - without becoming cumbersome or a burden. 

Carrying Case For The Alkalizing Water Bottle

The alkamates also come with a carrying case included.  Here is a picture of it:

It's strong and convenient for holding your portable alkaline water maker.   With the strap it is very easy to hold onto.   You won't drop your container with this - even if you are focused on your favorite activity.

Extra Alkaline Water Filter Included

Another perk is that there are not just one but two filters included with the alkamate.  They each last about 6 months or 500 liters of water, whichever comes first.  

So, this increases the awesomeness of one of these a lot!  

Of course, if you don't need a portable model, a regular alkaline water pitcher will do.  

Summing UP Awesomeness

Your new portable alkaline water maker, called the alkamate comes in an awesome color of your choice, comes with not one but two filters and also comes in a sporty and practical carrying case. 

What more could you ask for?   

Some Scenarios Where You Can See Yourself Using One... 

The gym!  We call get thirsty and the water from plastic bottles tastes yucky!   Why not have nice alkalized water out of a stainless steel container instead?    Yummy....!  

Yoga class, what girl wouldn't want to be seen with the beautiful pink alkamate?   And which guy wouldn't want to be uber cool with a sporty black, blue or red one?   

There is always silver for those who want to be more anonymous.  

Can you Get These Things On Amazon?  

Sure you can, why not?   Here is a handy link to check them right now.  

What Is Alkaline Water Anyway?  

Some people already know what it is and why they want it.   If you aren't sure about the basics, here is a wikipedia link for your reading pleasure:

Yes, there is controversy about alkaline water, both pro and con views exist.   In the end, you have decide if alkaline water is what you want in your life.  

The link above is for 'alkaline diet'.  The link for 'alkaline water' on wikipedia redirects to 'alkaline diet' for some reason.  But basic neutral information is there. 

Is There A Coupon For The Alkamate?  

Yes, actually, you can check out storewide coupons on this page:     Some coupons are not just good for the alkamate - they are good for other products on the store as well. 

Link To This Page

If you have enjoyed this page, please consider linking to it.   Sharing is caring!  

Here is the link to this page:  

Thanks for visiting.  

You can check out the alkamate here - if you would like to.  


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How To Use An Alkaline Water Coupon at Toothy Grins Store

Alkaline Water Coupon Video - Good for the alkaline water pitchers as well as the portable alkaline water makers... 

The alkaline water coupon discussed in this video is alkaline10 - you can use it at toothy grins store to save 10% on alkaline water pitchers as well as portable alkaline water makers. 

The portable alkaline water makers are great for sports, yoga, to keep at the office, or when traveling. That's pretty cool. In addition the portables come with a carrying case and two filters. Each filter is good for 6 months or 500 liters whichever comes first. 

The alkaline water pitchers are also pretty awesome. The filters are good for about 60 days. You can keep them in the refrigerator and use them like any other water pitcher, except the water will be alkaline! Another benefit to the pitchers is that the alkaline water is instant. As soon as that water passes through the filter, it will be alkaline. 

If you are going to test the alkalinity of water, you must use fresh drops NOT pH strips. strips will give an inaccurate reading when it comes to water. Drops work but they must be fresh, they cannot be months old or you will also have problems getting a true reading. 

You can increase the alkalinity of the pitcher's water by running the water through more than once. However, if you just want alkaline water and it doesn't have to be HIGH alkalinity then just once is enough.

I hope that helps, please leave a comment on this video if you have time.

Friday, September 11, 2015

A Coupon For Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water Coupon:  alkaline10  - Gives you 10% OFF

Details On Coupon alkaline10

Coupon alkaline10 gives you 10% off  (plus free shipping in the United States) on portable alkaline water makers and for alkaline water pitchers. 

 Just put coupon - alkaline10 - in your cart at checkout to get 10% off.      

Therefore if you are looking to score a little savings on your alkaline water, this is the place to be.  

Alkaline Water Pitchers - 10% OFF. 

This coupon, alkaline10, is good for two different offers on alkaline water - take your pick. 

2. You can also use this 10% off coupon with our alkaline water pitcher with 6 filters offer.  

If you have a more 'mobile' lifestyle where you are always on the go, you may want to look at the portable alkaline water makers below. 

Portable Alkaline Water Makers

You can also use coupon alkaline10 with our portable alkaline water makers.   

You can choose your own favorite color out of those available:   Black, Blue, Red, Pink, and Silver.  Check out the different colors here.  

 On Amazon?   - Yes, you can find them here.    But, the coupon will NOT work on Amazon. 

If you want to use the coupon alkaline10 - you can secure your discount on this site. 

Portable alkaline water makers. 

Alkaline water pitcher.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Portable Alkaline Water Maker - Awesome Way To Get Alkaline Water

Most Alkaline water is only available at home or at a special store where you can get it.

At home you might use an alkaline water pitcher.  Or, you might have one of those expensive machines.  

But, what if you are always running around and doing things?  

Then, there is little chance that alkaline water pitcher or machine is going to do much for you. 

But, what if you had a portable one that looked cool like this one?:

How It Works

You put regular water in it.  Shake it up.  In about fifteen minutes you have alkaline water.  

Drawbacks?  Yes, it only holds 500 ml of water.   Some people think that is not enough.  

Additional coolness?   Yes.  It comes with an awesome carrying case and two filters. 

Each filter is good for about two months.

We have several colors available including the one you see above.  

You can see the various colors here.    

Usually, the colors available are pink, black, red, blue and silver.  

You can also find a coupon here. 

You never know when your color will be available, so hurry and get the color you want now. 

Want to get it on Amazon?   Well there is no coupon for this currently there.  But you can get it on Amazon, choose your color and get free shipping (currently).  

But again, will the color you want be available?

Here is the link to Amazon.  

Here is the link on THIS site and you can use coupon toothy5 for additional savings.   

Enjoy your new found freedom with available on-the-go alkaline water.     Read the directions carefully before use.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Alkamate Replacement Filters

a 3 pack of alkamate replacement filters have been added to the store. 

1 Filter will last for 6 months or 500 Liters of water.    This is a package of 3 filters.  

This will give you approximately 18 months or 1,500 liters of alkaline water.  

New Pink Color For Portable Alkaline Water Makers

As of today,  August 11th 2015, we have a new color available for the portable alkaline water makers, (called Alkamates).   You can see it here:


1.  You can make alkaline water while you are 'out and about'.   Convenient for an 'on the go' lifestyle. 

2.  Stainless steel, not plastic.  BPA Free!  Feel safe while you make and enjoy your alkaline water. 

3.  Long lasting filters.  One filter is good for 6 months or 500 Liters! 

Toothy Grins!

Alkaline Water Resource Page.  

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bottled Alkaline Water Brands Found In Some Stores

Please note, that I talk about both glass bottles and plastic bottle alkaline water in this article.   The glass bottle information is located further down the page.

There are two alkaline bottled water brands that you should be able to find in many convenience stores

Fiji and Evian.  If you look on the bottles you should find a pH of 7 or higher.  Of the two, Fiji is my favorite.   It's expensive, but it sure tastes good - even straight out of its plastic bottle.

I don't know if the bottle that Fiji comes in is BPA free or not.  I suspect they might be because they seem to have a different quality to them than other brands of bottled water.

Evian also sports an above 7 pH making it an alkaline bottled water brand too.   I don't like the taste as much as Fiji.  Fiji tastes and 'feels' refreshing somehow.   It's satisfying.

If you read the history of Fiji, you will find out that it comes from deep underground caverns. Fiji water comes with some healthy minerals too.   I like Fiji the best of the two brands.

You can read more about Fiji water by clicking here.   

However, if you can find alkaline water in glass bottles that would be the best!   These two, unfortunately, come in plastic.

One kind of has a sense of being 'let down' by that.  Most people interested in alkaline water are interested in the alleged health benefits.  That same audience, would NOT be so interested in the plastic bottle that these two brands come in.

I believe I have also found pH 7 or above water in Whole Foods, again in plastic bottles.  I don't remember the exact names.  It would be awesome if they had glass bottles.  But alas, as far as I know - that is not the case.

Glass Bottles

They are out there, but they will be harder to find, particularly in the United States.    However, if you know of any, or find any brands like that, please  leave a comment below that will help other people looking at this page. 

I have been able to find alkaline water in glass bottles in Germany.  The one I like the  most is St. Bernhard ( going by memory on that one).  It's the most awesome water I have ever tasted coming out of a container.  

It seems to come from a very pure and pristine spring with a naturally high pH.   I have seen only a couple of other bottled water brands in Germany that have a pH above 7.  I suspect they are bottled by the same company as the one noted above.

On a side note: Germans tend to like there water with 'gas' or 'bubbles' - unfortunately that also makes the water acidic and not alkaline.   It's the same type of 'gas' that gives colas their "fizz".   So, that's out - at least for me.

If you are in Germany and don't want water with like that, always ask for "stilles wasser"  which translates to 'still water'.   That way you will avoid carbonated water.   It's getting easier to find still water in Germany but it's just not as popular as the carbonated or 'with bubbles' water.  

As mentioned previously, a brand of bottled water that is alkaline is definitely going to brag about it on the label.  So, if you don't find any pH information on the label of a bottle, you can safely assume that it is NOT alkaline. 

What Has Been Theorized About Water and Proper pH Testing

Water, should, technically speaking have a pH of 7.  Pure water and nothing else should be at 7.  However, much of the water we have today is not.   Some is much lower.  

If you are going to test water yourself, such as your tap water or any other water that you have access to, please keep in mind this important point: 

You cannot accurately test the pH of water with pH testing strips.  It just simply gives you an erroneous reading.   You need testing DROPS that are specifically made for this purpose.   

In addition, these drops should not be OLD.  If they are more than 3 months old, they may not be able to accurately reveal the pH of your water.  Get new testing drops and don't use strips - IF you are after accurate readings.  

Water And Health

There is an interesting book out there that describes water as a cure for many problems.  The premise of the book (and many like it) is that most of us are chronically dehydrated.

The specific book that I'm thinking of, describes the experiences of an Iranian doctor who had been imprisoned (probably for some invalid political reasons).   As I remember it, he described the case of a young fellow prisoner who was doubled over in pain.

The doctor had nothing to help him with besides offering him water.   Something amazing happened.  After drinking a little water, the guy's pain went away completely.   This got the doctor to thinking and experimenting.   He discovered that water was a good treatment for many ailments.

He obviously, didn't say in prison forever because he did write a book about it.  I tried to find that exact book I was thinking of for you, but I was unable to.   But, here are many other books on the same topic.  

Perhaps water has been underrated regarding it's curative properties?

Alkaline Water And Health

There is a lack of scientific finding in this are for obvious reasons.  There is no money behind funding studies that discover alkaline water is good for ailments.   

However, there are many, many voices from scientists, doctors and others who 'believe in' the power of alkaline water for health.   You are encouraged to do your own research.  

Yet, if you are here on this page, it's very likely you have already made up your own mind or you wouldn't be seeking information about bottled alkaline water.  

Given that 'pure' water is pH neutral at 7.  It makes sense that there could be some benefit to higher than 7.   At the very least, it seems reasonable to avoid lower than 7.   That is - if you believe anything about water, health and alkalinity.  

Everyone else, is encouraged to do their own research and come to their own conclusions!    Basically, I just want to sidestep the problem of this page becoming the argument center for pro and anti alkaline water voices!   

But, having said that, you may comment on this page below and share your experiences, insights and anything else you would like to about alkaline water and in particular, brands of alkaline water that are easily accessible to people.  

Alternative to Buying Bottled Alkaline Water But Still Getting Higher pH Water

This 'alternative' is also cheaper than buying bottle after bottle of alkaline water.  It also has the added benefit of being useful for on-the-go busy lifestyles.   You can take this container with you and make regular water alkaline in about 15 minutes.

So, if you happen to hit a convenience store while you are driving on a long trip and discover they don't carry Fiji or Evian, you can just grab what they do have.  Then you can put it in your container and shake it up.  In about 15 minutes the water will be 'alkalized'.

You can check out these portable containers here.    They are also available on Amazon

David for

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Alkaline Water Pitchers On Amazon

Alkaline Water Pitchers Available On Amazon

We have 3 versions of the Alkaline Water Pitchers on Amazon.

Click Here to See Them

There is a pitcher with 1 filter package.   There is a pitcher with 3 filters package. The best and most cost effective one of the three is the pitcher with  6 filters version.  

All three versions of the alkaline pitchers have a timer on the top.  This timer counts down from 60 days or two months to let you know when it is time to change the filter out.

You might be thinking that you will eventually need new filters.  You can get replacement filters right here.

How Fast Do These Pitchers Deliver Alkaline Water? 

Have no fear.  These pitchers deliver near instant alkaline water to you and your family.  I say near instant because as soon as the water goes through the filter it will be alkaline.  

Tip:  If you are an Alkaline water expert level user and want to increase the alkalinity of the water, you can run the water through twice.  

When testing for alkalinity never use pH testing strips, they deliver false readings when it comes to water - but they work for other things quite well.   For alkaline water test, use testing drops.  

If you need a recommendation for testing drops, contact me and I'll point you in the right direction.  

Most people don't really care but I added this information for those who might have a keen interest in this area.   Some folks want to test and know exactly how alkaline the water is. 

For most people, they only care that the water is alkaline.   If you are one of those folks that is really keen, you might be interested in our page on negative ORP.  

What Kind Of Stores Have Alkaline Water Pitchers?

A quick search of Walmart didn't reveal alkaline water pitchers.  I'm not saying they don't have any, plus things can change.  But my basic search did not reveal alkaline pitchers only brita water pitchers which don't seem to do anything for changing alkalinity.  

Toothy Grins Store does have alkaline water pitchers (at the time I wrote this)  You can find them here.

Finally, as mentioned before, you can also find them on Amazon, here is the link for that store. 

There may be other stores that cary them as well.  Although, I don't recall seeing them in any brick and mortar stores.   Not saying that isn't possible, just saying that I don't remember seeing them.

Portable Alkaline Water Pitchers

So, whether these alkaline water pitchers are truly portable is arguable.  You could take them along on a camping trip.   I would NOT suggest that you put stream water or anything in them and expect that water to be safe to drink.  

I would say that if you are using a camper or something like that where you have access to clean water then there is no reason why you couldn't take one of these pitchers along with you.  They hold about two liters of water  (when the filter is full and the pitcher is full).  They are basically the size of a water pitcher that you would have in your refrigerator as that is what they are designed for.  

We also have a portable alkaline water maker.  These are smaller and you can take them with you to yoga class, work, the gym, school, etc.  You can see them by clicking here.  They are small enough to be convenient.  You put water in them, shake up the portable maker and in about 15 minutes you have alkaline water.  They are not as convenient as the pitchers but they are more portable.  

If you have any questions, please ask.  You can also share your alkaline water knowledge or expertise in the comment section below.

If you have questions, simply call the number you see at the top of your screen.


Friday, July 3, 2015

How To Use Your Alkaline Water Coupon

This video shows you how to use your alkaline water coupon on this site:  

Next:  Visit Page Shown In The Video 

Alkaline Water Coupon

The alkaline water coupon shown in the video is toothy5.  Simply go to the page noted above, and hit the 'add to cart' button.  This will pop up a small box.  Choose 'checkout'  if you are ready to checkout.  

Then you will find yourself on a summary page.  As shown in the video via a blue arrow, there is a box in which you can enter your coupon code.   Simply enter the code,  toothy5 into the box and then hit the 'apply' button.  Then you can complete the checkout process with your coupon correctly applied.  

In the video, I mentioned the 'email me a better price' function.  I won't guarantee that will always be available because giving away so many discounts can be costly.   It's great for the consumer though.  If you still see it there when you visit the page, you may go ahead and take advantage of it.  It can be combined with the coupon code. 

As I mentioned, I don't make any guarantee on leaving the 'email me a better price' function up there.  But if you see it you can use it. 

However, the coupon for your alkaline water pitcher should always work.  If you have trouble getting it to work, simply call the number at the top of your screen.   

In fact, if you would like to order either the alkaline pitcher or the portable model, and you prefer to order by phone you can use the same phone number:   1-888-586-6849.   

I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial on how to use your alkaline water coupon on the alkaline water pitcher.  At the very least, I hope you found it useful.   

It would be wonderful if you could leave a comment below about the video or your experiences with alkaline water.   I know that many people love drinking alkaline water.  

Alkaline Water Pitcher with 6 Filters

On this site, you will also find the same alkaline water pitcher but it comes with 6 filters instead of just one.  This is a great deal because the cost of individual filters can be much more costly.  The same coupon shown in the video will also work for this.    However, their may not be an 'email me' function as the deal is already pretty good!  

Portable Alkaline Water Makers

There is also a portable alkaline water maker on this site.  It's very interesting.  It works a little differently though.  You simply put the water in and shake it up and in 15 minutes you will have alkaline water.    The pitchers mentioned above are much faster because they are nearly instant.   

However, there is a trade off to go portable.  The benefit of the portable model is that you can take it with you on a road trip or while traveling.   

Please remember to share your comments about the video or your experiences with alkaline water int he comment section below.   Sharing is caring...  

Thanks again, 


PS:  Additional resources on alkaline water 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Video: Where Can You Find An Alkaline Water Filtration Pitcher?

Video:  This video explains a little about the alkaline water filtration pitcher as well as where you can get it  - hint - on this site!   

Monday, June 29, 2015

High pH Drinking Water - An Inexpensive Way

What does high pH drinking water mean exactly?  

There is a pH scale and basically 7 on that scale is considered neutral.  At the same time 1 is considered very acidic and 13 or 14 would be considered very basic.   

There are theories in natural healing that drinking higher pH drinking water is good for your body.  That would mean 7 or above.  (but don't go too high)

Most tap water and bottled water (but not all) is acidic.  So, that irritates the natural health folks.  

We are talking theory here, keep that in mind.   The more natural oriented healers and doctors talk about making the body more alkaline because they believe that the basis for disease often has to do with what they consider an 'acidic' body. 

You will find scientist, doctors and other experts on both sides of the debate as to whether there is truth to this theory or not.  Never the less, many people are seeking alkaline water.  One of the easiest ways to get it is through an alkaline water pitcher.  Why?  Because it is simple, convenient and
relatively inexpensive. 

What does Inexpensive Mean?  

I previously wrote a post on inexpensive alkaline water that you can check out. at your leisure.  Basically, (no pun intended) there are these big, bulky expensive machines that cost thousands of dollars to purchase.   But with the alkaline water pitchers like the one mentioned above, and the portables, you bring your cost way down.   So far down, in fact that it is possible for the average person to have quality alkaline water at their fingertips.  

The Mouth

While what we talked about above is in the realm of theory more or less, the affect that alkalinity and acid have your teeth and gums are not.   It's clear that acid is bad for your teeth and gums and alkaline is better.   


You don't want to go too high on your pH either.  Just getting to 7 or above is good enough.   Of course,  some might disagree.  Whatever your thoughts, you can share them below in the comments section. 


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Alkaline Water - Free Videos For You

These are videos that I made on the topic of alkaline water.  You can watch as many as you would like to for free:

Portable Alkaline Water Makers  - These can literally go with you anywhere!  

Alkaline Water Pitchers  - Not so portable but great for home use.

If you are interested in discussing theories about alkaline water and how it may impact health, I'd be glad to chat with you.  Just give me a call at the number you see below (or above).

I feel that awareness is growing and it is more or less something you are going to see more and more people utilizing.

When you think about it, either the alkaline pitchers or the portables would make a great (and welcomed) gift to someone who is particularly health conscious.

Once, they see or "get" the benefits, they might view you in a new light!



PS: questions?  call the above number for assistance.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Portable Alkaline Water Makers And Alkaline Water Pitchers On Amazon

You can find our portable alkaline water makers on Amazon as well  - Click Here 

We have a number of articles on this particular item, that you can read here.  

In addition, you can purchase this product on this site  (Hint: use the email me a better price function)

Alkaline Water Pitchers

Here is a Link For The Water Pitchers On Amazon

again, you can find the pitchers on this site (hint: use email me a better price function- that's all I'll say!)

If you have questions, simply call the number you see at the top of your screen.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Alkaline Water Resources For You

I've written about portable alkaline water makers quite a bit on this site.  I thought I would put together a resource page to make it easier to find some of the information:

Portable Alkaline Water Makers  - On this page you'll find 5 different color variations:  black, silver, red, blue and pink.  You can order multiple quantities of each if you would like to.  For example it is easy to order 2 or more of any single color.  However, if you need to mix and match colors, it would be best to enter a separate order for each color.  If you prefer, you can also call your order in so that every color can be combined into one order.

Here is a video and post about the convenience of portable alkaline water.  It's a lot easier to have alkaline water than it used to be.  But the added convenience of being able to make alkaline water on-the-fly should not be underestimated.  It's a lot easier to grab your portable maker and carry it with you then to have to be bound to a more-or-less stationary location.

Are you a believer in Alkaline water?   I go into some of the ideas that people hold about alkaline water.  I don't take sides and I don't try to convince anyone.  I'm just sharing some of the ideas that people have ABOUT alkaline water.

Making Alkaline water inexpensively -  Here I discuss the ease and convenience of making alkaline water at home again.  There are two alternatives here.  The portable maker is one of those alternatives but you also have the more semi-portable pitcher.  I say "semi" because you could conceivably take it with you in a mobile home while traveling.  However, it is a little big and not nearly as convenient as the portables.

The power of inexpensive alkaline water -  This was one of the earlier posts I wrote about alkaline water that kind of underscores the benefits of being able to make it at home.   It seemed to be a page that people enjoyed reading.

Make your own  - This is a video that is a little more visual.  Actually, this is one of those whiteboard videos.  It is a great way to share information and underscore important points.  I hope you enjoy watching it.  It was fun and interesting to make.

Dispenser for Alkaline Water - This is another page where I discuss the advantages of having inexpensive and portable alkaline water compared to those old expensive machines that costs thousands of dollars.   That was then, this is now!

Making Alkaline Water With Lemons   -   This is actually a completely false notion.  When you add lemon juice to water, you are making an acidic solution and it is very much NOT good for your dental health.   What this stems from is people believing that lemon juice helps to alkalize the body.  If it does that, it is AFTER digestion and not before.  That means that the harmful acid is coming in contact with your teeth and oral tissues.

Creating alkaline water without a machine!   This is similar to the above topics.  You can also find a handy link to one of the portables on Amazon.

Do you know what natural healers say?   - some thoughts about what some natural doctors say about alkaline water. This is a good read if you like natural health care at all.

On Amazon - While I would prefer that you shop and checkout on our site,  I understand that some people like Amazon.

Alkaline Water Videos - These videos discuss both the portable model as well as the in-home pitcher (great for the whole family to have access to alkaline water).

Alkaline water pitcher replacement filters  - this is a 3 pack of replacement filters for the Alkaline water pitcher

Monday, May 25, 2015

Portable Alkaline Water Maker Demystified Video

I made this video about the portable alkaline water maker:  Just press the play button in the center.

It's a lovely idea.  If you need to have alkaline water at the gym, the office or anywhere other than at home, it might be a good idea to have one of these with you. 

Of course, if you are going to be mostly at home, you might consider the Alkaline Water Pitcher instead.  

Why not read about them both right now, because after you leave this page you may not be able to find it again!  Follow the below links now.