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Bleeding Gums and the HydroFloss

If you have bleeding gums...

It's time to take action.  Go to the dentist right away.  If you are experience bleeding when brushing or flossing or if you wake up with a little bit of blood in your mouth, it's really time to go see a dentist. 

Bleeding gums can come from a few things, your dentist can diagnose and tell you what you are dealing with.  

Most of the time, a problem with bleeding gums is going to come from gum disease.  But, you'll want a professional to rule other things out - just in case.  

If bleeding gums are due to gum disease, you'll want to take it seriously.   

Depending on who you talk to, gum disease afflicts 50 to 80% of us.  However, it is a serious problem because it is the primary cause of tooth loss in the world today.  

If you want to save your teeth, you'll want to control gum disease.  

What You'll Want To Know

This will make things very simple for you.  The key thing you want to know, monitor and improve is the depth of your periodontal pockets.    

Don't panic.  It's a very simple measurement that your dentist or hygienist can take at the office.  In fact, they should be taking these measurements at every visit.  

So, there may already be a record of these numbers at your dentist's office.  

The important thing to know and what will help you tremendously is being aware of those numbers. 

Generally speaking,  most dental professionals will tell you that your gums are healthy when those pocket depths are at 3mm or less.  

That means that if you are over 3mm (around any tooth) then you have a problem. 

You now have an objective way to monitor the health of your gums. 

*Remember, making and keeping gums healthy can help you prevent tooth loss - because gum disease is the number one cause of losing teeth.  

Some people have pockets that go as deep as 8mm, 9mm or 10mm - some people have even deeper pockets.   

However, even if you have 4 or 5 or 6 mm pockets, you want to take action and get those down to 3mm or less as soon as you possibly can.   After that, you want to make sure they stay at 3mm or less.  

The HydroFloss 

Can you shrink gum pockets?   (also known as periodontal pockets)  The answer is yes, you can.  

Dentists have a variety of techniques and treatments designed to help you do that.  Most are quite expensive and potentially painful.  

But what about this HydroFloss thing?   Can it help to shrink gum pockets?  

Yes, it certainly did that for me personally.   I've also talked to many people over the last years and I have heard from many that have achieved similar results.  

And again, these results would be verified through your dentist via the measurement of those periodontal pockets.  Compare your old readings to the new ones (after using the HydroFloss) and you can prove to yourself whether it is working for you or not.  

Proper Use 

To improve your odds for success, it is important that you use the HydroFloss properly.  I can give you information that will help.  I only do that for customers of  - Those who purchase their HydroFloss from  

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I hope this information was helpful to you.  If you would like to comment, there is a comment section below. 


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