Monday, March 21, 2016

Is The HydroFloss Effective?

When asking if the hydrofloss is effective, you...

There are a couple of possibilities here.  If you are scientifically minded you are wondering about scientific, peer reviewed and published results.  You are wondering if the results are statistically significant.  

If you are a lay person, you are just wondering if the HydroFloss will help you gums.   

In the first case, the answer is yes, the hydrofloss has been shown to be approximately 50% more effective than irrigators that do not use the magnetic technology it uses.   There were actually two studies published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.   

One was published in May of 1993 and the other in April of 1998 (in that journal) both showed similar results that were deemed to be statistically significant.  

Of course, if you are reading this, there is a good chance that you could care less about science. I just wanted to put that out there for the occasional inquiring mind that may come around.  I wanted to give them specific journal months and years to check out on their own. 

The real question is

Can the HydroFloss help you with your gums?  Can it help you avoid a deep cleaning or Scaling and Root Planing Treatment (SRP)?   Can it help to reduce periodontal pockets? 

These are things that you will want to monitor via your dentist and hygienist.  You should be under the care of a dentist if you have gum health problems.  

However, don't worry, some estimates are that about 75% of people have some gum disease right now.   Some of the lower estimates are around 50%.   

I remember reading on the Mayo Clinic's website that they believed that after the age of 65 a whopping 95% of people have some gum disease!  

My Answer: 

I can only tell you about my experience and I can also tell you that I am not the only person who has had an experience like mine.  There have been others who have spoken with.  

My dentist told me I had 'moderate' gum disease and that I needed a deep cleaning or SRP treatment.  I think she even told me that nothing else would help me.  She was insistent that I get that treatment.  But I held off.   I was determined to find an alternative answer. 

It took multiple tries.  I experimented with essential oils, various mouthwashes and even oil pulling.  But nothing worked.   Until... 

I tried the HydroFloss.  When I used that for a few months I went back to my dentist.  She looked very surprised and so did the hygienist.   I was told by the dentist, "Whatever you are doing, keep it up".  She told me I didn't need the deep cleaning treatment any longer.  

That IS my story.   I've talked to many others over the years who have had similar stories.   

Of course, as I said before, you MUST be under the care of a dentist or periodontist to monitor you progress or lack thereof.   Gum disease is serious and can lead to lost teeth.  In fact, it is the number one cause of lost teeth. 

But if you can shrink your periodontal pockets and make your gums healthy again - as verified by your own dentist, perhaps it is worth a try?   

There are no guarantees because every human body is different.  But the HydroFloss has worked for myself and others.  

-David for 

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