Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shrinking Gum Pockets With The HydroFloss

Is it possible to shrink gum pockets with the HydroFloss?  

The answer is YES!  A number of people have done so.

The results are easily verifiable by your dentist or hygienist as well.  In the process of using the HydroFloss to shrink those pockets, make sure that you are always under the care of a dentist.

The reason for this is to make sure it works for you.  The doctor can monitor and, if for some reason, you don't get results, then the doctor will be there to step in and pursue another course of action.

In the case of gum disease or any dental related issues, you should always be working with a dentist or doctor.

However, many people have found success with the HydroFloss and that includes me!

You can see a HydroFloss here (there is also a video on that page if you scroll down a bit)

The Goal Of Shrinking Pockets

The real problem here is gum disease.  Generally speaking, most dentists will say that your gums are unhealthy if your periodontal pockets (gum pockets) are above 3mm.    

Therefore, if you are able to get your pockets to 3 mm or less, most dental professionals, generally speaking, will consider you gums healthy at that point. 

Your end goal is to get to 3mm or less as measured by your dentist or hygienist. 

Using The HydroFloss to Achieve The Goal

IF the hydrofloss is used properly and even sometimes when it is not, people do get results.   However, to give yourself the greatest chance you need to use the HydroFloss properly. 

The secret to giving yourself the greatest chance is something that I share with my customers.  This information is available via a brief phone conversations for those who purchase their HydroFloss from   

Why Is The HydroFloss The Best ?  

There is no other oral irrigator that I am aware of that is as effective as the HydroFloss.   This is because of the magnetic technology that the HydroFloss employs.   

You will not find this in WaterPiks or other irrigators (except for one that employs an unstudied and untested magnet).   

The HydroFloss is the only one that has been studied by researchers with the results published in a peer-reviewed journal.  This did not happen just once, but twice.  

In my opinion you will give yourself the best chance to shrink your gum pockets and keep them that way via proper use of the HydroFloss.   At all times, you should, of course, be under the care of your doctor or dentist.  

It's just that if you can shrink those pockets down and your dentist determines that your gums are healthy, you may not have to endure the pain and expense of Scaling and Root Planings or dental surgeries on your gums.   

This is the experience that I had.  My dentist wanted to do a SRP (deep cleaning) treatment.  I tried many things to make my gums healthy again, but nothing worked until I started using the HydroFloss. 

I'm not alone.  A lot of people have reported that their pockets have shrunk and that the doctor or hygienist  told them their gums were healthy again. 

Bonus, having healthy gums probably means that you will get to keep more of your teeth (or even all of them if you haven't run into problems yet).  

It's a powerful tool and that's why I sell them.  (Because it has helped me and other people too).  

Always be under the care of a dentist when dealing with any oral health problem. 


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