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Are There Any Natural Cures For Gum Disease?

A Word About The Word 'Cure'

First, if you are having issues with gum disease or any other oral health problem, please be sure you are under the care of a licensed, qualified dentist.

Second,  cure is a dangerous word.  Are you cured of gum disease if your periodontal pockets shrink to 3mm or less?   Or are you still in danger of the condition returning?

Are you cured of cancer if you are in remission?   You see, the word cure is rather troublesome and I do object to its use.

However, we can talk about what you can do to try and control gum disease or get your gums down to 3mm or less on those periodontal pockets.   Most dental professionals, generally speaking, will consider your gums healthy when your pockets are at 3mm or less.

Therefore, your end goal with gum disease might be to get those pockets to 3mm or less.  That's a fairly objective way for you to monitor you gum health and know if what you are doing works or not.

Why 3mm Or Less On Those Periodontal Pockets?  

Generally speaking, it appears that the 'bad' (anaerobic bacteria) cannot accumulate to large enough populations to damage your gum tissue and supporting structure when those periodontal pockets are no bigger than 3mm.  

However, go above that level and the bacteria can grow to large enough numbers that their acidic secretions begin to destroy tissue and bone.   This is essentially what gum disease is and what it does.  
Gum disease is a HUGE problem in the world today.   Depending on who you talk to, gum disease may afflict 75% of the population.  Some quote lower numbers somewhere around 50% - but in either case that is 3 out of every 4 or 1 out of every 2 people!    

That's a huge number.  That's why Periodontists usually have full offices!  

Since those numbers are so high and keeping those pockets down is so crucial, and the evidence tends to support the concept that 3mm or less is good for gum health, then it makes sense to move in that direction, right?  

Since these are objective measurements, relatively speaking, those pockets also make a great gauge for you to personally be aware of.   Just ask your dentist or hygienist to take those readings at every visit and compare them to your last measurements.  This is a great way to keep an eye on your gum health or lack thereof.  

One of the biggest problems with gum disease is that most people don't know they have it!  

Stop to consider what was mentioned above.   One out of every two people (better case) or 3 out of every 4 people (more alarming case) have gum disease right now.   That means half to most people.   How many people are in the room with you right now.   What are the odds that one or more of them have gum disease?

Even if you are in a room alone the odds are not good that you are free of it!  And when you don't think you have a problem, you are not likely to do anything about it.  Until, one day, the dentist or hygienist says it is time for a 'deep cleaning'  (SRP) or some sort of laser or gum surgery!

Then you find out you have been the victim of gum disease.  But what are you going to do then?   The same thing we mentioned above, work on getting those periodontal pockets down to 3mm or less.  Then you can stop the bad bacteria from destroying more tissue!

Tooth Loss Is Bad

As if the previous NEWS was not bad enough, gum disease happens to be the number one reason that people lose their teeth.   Accidents are relatively rare.  However, they do happen, particularly in sports.  But, gum disease is the usual culprit and suspect when teeth are lost.   

The solution to lost teeth is usually going to be dentures or implants.  Neither solution is as good as your natural teeth and both can be problematic.  

Keeping your natural teeth is ideal.  And I bet it is something you would like to do throughout your life.   If that is the case, consider paying attention to those periodontal pocket measurements at every office visit.  

What Can You Do?  

The most powerful tool that I know of that has helped me personally shrink pockets as well as many of the people I have spoken with over the phone the last several years is this one: 

I tried a lot of things when I was struggling with this problem.  I tried different kinds of mouthwashes, essential oils, oil pulling, brushing and flossing like crazy, but not much of a dent was made when I went back to my dentist to check my progress. 

My dentist was pushing me to get the dreaded 'deep cleaning' treatment.  I balked and didn't want it.  So I was trying hard to find a solution.  

After about a year, I found the HydroFloss.  Like many people I scoffed at the 'magnet' concept.  But I thought I should give it a try since nothing else was working.  

And as you can surmise, it did work.  It worked in a big way.  My dentist was quite shocked.  She told me to keep doing 'whatever' I was doing and that I didn't need that deep cleaning any longer.   

I was delighted.  If I can keep my pockets down and my gums healthy, perhaps I can keep my teeth until the end of this lifetime.  That would be great.  So many people suffer from the condition of lost teeth and the 'cure' of dentures or implants.   

Washing your teeth with water that has been through a magnet seems a lot more natural than those artificial solutions, doesn't it?    Well, I don't know how you answer that question,  but it sure seems like a better outcome to me!  

To your dental (gum) health!  


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